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:)The first time I picked up my new saxophone, I had only taken one saxophone lesson in my life and didn't really know what to expect. So I recorded a video and threw it up on youtube. After posting them as a joke, I received pretty positive feedback. I know I'm really really horrible, but this way I can track my progress - and you can too, if you want! I honestly wouldn't mind pointers as to what I'm doing wrong, especially with embouchure, as I constantly find myself blowing air from the sides of my mouth, especially when I'm tired, which is kind of a buzz-kill.

Now, I don't practise the saxophone every day, so I'm not going to be uploading new videos regularly. This is more of an approximation of progress when I reach what I feel are milestones. Obviously, when I stop sucking, new video logs will no longer be funny and therefore I'll probably not waste your time with them unless I can pinpoint a problem I need help with.

If people don't want to see this kind of thread, then I won't mind if it's removed.

Day One:

I already posted these videos somewhere, and they're pretty hilarious!

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Day Two:

I spent about 2-3 hours fiddling with my horn, trying to make some sounds. I also bought a saxophone book today, it was pretty much the only book that had beginner stuff in it that wasn't intended for 12 year olds with private tutors, so I splurged a couple of Hamiltons and cruised my way back home. I didn't intend to make any videos, especially since all the songs in that book are dead boring. However, at the end of my session, I decided that the moderate pain on the back of my neck, the stinging crampy sensation in my mouth and the HORRIFYING throat maleurs had to be there for a reason. So I spent twenty minutes trying to play some of my favorite tunes: The beginning of the Tetris theme and "Quest for Fire" by Iron Maiden. Since I can't do the altissimo notes yet I had to play it at least one octave lower than Dickinson's voice but it's almost understandable so I guess my mission was a partial success!
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If you're wondering why I'm not wearing a shirt in the following video, it's because I thought I'd look better as a bad Tim Cappello impersonator with a hat than that version of me in the above video for this particular tune...
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As you can see, I'm having some major embouchure dilemmas as well as some slight accuracy problems but the accuracy problems are just because I'm playing by ear and I'm not really that good at imagining sounds in my head.

Enjoy and feel free to laugh, a beginner and his perils are always hilarious!

More to come! I'm not sure if I should just continuously edit this post if I post new updates or if I should post a new post every time, I'd be happy to hear from people what they think would be better!
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Very Brave and not frightened of possible criticism. Keep on playing and get yourself a tutor. Wish I had your confidence
Good luck.
New posts are better.

Embouchure comes with practice. The dreaded long tones are the best remedy....
Hi There!

It would be best to add a new post so that the thread forms a distinct time line. I presume that is not a strong icelandic accent. I look forward to the time when you are able to produce a sax sound, but the cardboard box like production in the last video must take a lot of practice......:shocked::w00t:;}

It sounds like you are open to playful humour - as KevvyG suggests, playing long notes will help your tone a lot, and steady your whole playing technique. Just play a note for 5-10 seconds at a time, and go up or down a scale a few times. Once your breathing develops (think of your belly as a bagpipe - fill it with air then play calmly, slowly releasing the air, whilst doing such an exercise. Then try playing short passages wihout having to breathe in too often.

You do have a good level of confidence. Given the music you seem to like I think that the Creative Saxophone stuff would be really good to get hold of, amongst others.
Each more horrible than the last...

So it was my friends birthday and I decided to show up with the saxophone because he's a hard-core jazz loving hipster and I love him for that. I managed to blow a few barely recognizable tunes through the old horn and people just wanted more, so I gave them a little more and somehow I ACTUALLY pulled off a really nice sounding solo... one that I have not been able to reproduce. My friends didn't even believe that I'd only picked the piece up 4 or 5 times, they thought that was the biggest cock and bull they'd ever heard!
So during that party I was repeatedly dubbed "sexy sax guy". Having no idea who that was, I took a look on the old inter-webs.
Result: When I came home from the pool today, I had one mission.

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Yeah so I almost pulled that off, with practise I'll get there eventually. Or not. Or maybe I'll be the next sexy sax guy, or sexy sax stud. I already have the looks :smug:

To make matters worse, I decided to step up my game a little so I gave it a little whirl right here, this is one of my first jazz improv attempts and it doesn't sound very good but I have got to give myself credit for making it sound like I've had this saxophone for longer than I've really had it.

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Oh yeah, I probably should've mentioned the redneck-style comedy involved...

Probably not the best, and for some reason the low Bb does a phasing tremolo sort of effect, whatevs. Also my embouchure is probably bad again. I have no idea what exactly I'm doing wrong but at least I'm improving!

As always, enjoy and feel free to laugh at my cumbersome musical escapades!
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I think you have so much confidence that I admire you. I note that not many members make comments, perhaps its because although you are doing great for playing for such a short time, it does sound very amateurish, Now that is not an adverse comment from me as I wish I had your natural ability, but it does sound disjointed, the music does not flow, but of course this will improve in time. Perhaps to other members its a bit hard on their ears. IMHO you really need to get someone professional to guide you in how to put your ability to its best.
Whatever the outcome, you are enjoying yourself and an encouragement to other beginners.
Great, keep up the blowing.
For someone who's been playing less than a month, I reckon you're gonna go far.....I've heard less impressive efforts from people after a year :) keep working on it :welldone

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