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Saxophones A Tale Of Gas And Regrets


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Whilst reading Chris' thread about his new acquisition of a lovely cannonball Raven which I imagine to be black ofcourse it got me reminiscing of a time in the past when I was thinking of upgrading from my starter Elkhart and prowling eBay to realise this end,I had already bought quite a few vintage saxes from eBay,not as an upgrade but more out of curiosity and interest in the older saxes and something to play with in the repair stakes and I should add never paid very much for them, and I suppose most seasoned player would have looked on them as basket cases but I have never regretted buying any of them,we'll on to the regret,as I searched the eBay list I came across two saxes for sale at the same time one the YAS 62 that I now own and love to bits and play every day and the other a black YAS Custom Z,the interesting thing was BLACK to me.And I have to say I really fancied this one like I said they were both running at exactly the same time and one finished just minutes before the other that being the 62,well I put a couple of starter bids in on both saxes to see if there was much competition and there was I then tend to wait till the last minute and put in a bid that should with a bit of luck beat the opposition and in the case of the 62 obviously won,now over to the custom z and having bought the 62 I became hesitant on the Z and didn't really bid what I would have been prepared to pay and lost the auction,it sold for just over £1,400 which I think would have been a bargain.It is the only sax related thing that I regret and I would have loved to own that sax and I feel that had the Custom Z finished first I would have got it,on the positive side the the 62 turned up in due course and it was immaculate which is always a worry when buying on eBay , but I will always regret not getting the Z,funny how some things don't go away,violins out now please ......John
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Je ne regrette rien

I think regrets and eBay are a rather risky combination. It's the sort of thing that encourages excessive bidding next time a similar item crops up. I've bought and sold dozens of saxes on eBay, but I guess I've only bought one out of every 20 I bid on. I bid low, to a level that means that if the sax turns out to need work there's still budget for that. If not, bonus. As a result, I miss out on loads of saxes, but if I do, so what? I move on to the next item. There'll always be another one along. With this approach, by reading adverts carefully and knowing the subject, I've had some bargains, which massively outweighs any small disappointment from any I've missed out on. YAS23 for £75, Buescher True Tone alto for £100, new Chinese tenor (in black!) for £66, new sop for £60, and several more. All these played out of the box. I may have missed out on several dozen others in the time I got these, but I'm not bothered. It's easy to remain philosophical about lost opportunities when you get a few gems.

Oh, and a YAS62 is a fabulous sax, all the alto you'll ever need.


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I once lost a beautiful Hofner senator " Cutaway" Semi Acoustic which I thought was in the bag and I still regret not bidding the extra £50.

I think when it comes to modern saxes and in particular Altos It is almost certainly a buyers paradise. The number of Altos I see being disposed of on Ebay would definitely outnumber the potential customer base.

Things completely change when we start to look at Classic and Vintage horns and I suppose most of us here will have seen some crazy last minute bidding frenzies and perhaps even unfortunately been caught up in the enthusiasm.


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I'm with Jon on this. Work out what it's worth to you. If someone was prepared to pay more, it was too expensive and no regrets.

Danger is to get caught up in bidding a bit more until you end up paying too much.

Like him I've had some bargains, and a good experience. No regrets.

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