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A shrill whistle shattered the silent street.


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I alighted from the Hansom gingerly and pulled my cloak tightly about my shoulders. Adjusting my top hat which I had removed from my head whilst in the carriage. I tendered a florin to the driver, one shilling and sixpence for the fare plus a sixpenny silver intended as a gratuity. With a quick flip of the whip on the horses rump the conveyance trundled away. The cabby muttered a terse "Thankee Sur an yer watch yerself gudsir ees still abaht yer`ll mind."

The new found gas lamps situate at pavements edge cast a fitful yellow glow through the murky drizzle as I made my way down Whitechapel Road. I patted my leather Gladstone and hugged it closer to my side in anticipation of the frolic to follow.

As I progressed my eye was drawn to the tawdry entrance of Mrs Nuggetts Eel Pie and Mash shop where two ladies of the night were devouring a thruppenny special with gusto. At my approach the harridans nudged each other and glanced nervously at my bag of tools. To set them at ease I engaged them in a gentle banter as follows. "My good ladies would you be so good as to place me in the direction of the `White Hart ?" An establishment which as it`s employ was the purveyor of fine ales and spirits.

The younger of the harlots hitched her ragged skirt to an an inch above her ankle and replied coquettishly revealing her snagged and stained teeth " Yus it`ll be a penny though." I gratefully tendered the coin, discreetly brushing from my lapel the residue of crumbs which had sprayed forth from her mouth as she replied.

" Parse the Blind Beggar an the Hart`s en frent o yer, thers a sing song ther tonite, but wat yer want te go ther fer I dunno, fer a shillin an a cup o mothers roon yer can hav mor fun with Emmy an Annie ere." raiising her skirt provocatively to just below the knee. I declined graciously, biting my lip but with the added promise of I may catch you later though. I hurried on anxious to reach my per-destined rendezvous.

Just before entering the `Hart` I purchased a small bunch of violets from the hag sheltering from the rain in the establishments doorway to be put to use later. I concealed them in my bag.

My throat was dry so I quickly on entry ordered a small Madeira and quaffed half of it before introducing myself to Mr Aldevis Tibaldi who was pointed out to me by `Dolly` a barmaid of some ample proportions.

Mr Tibaldi and myself entered into a light hearted dialogue concering fellow members of the forum of which we are both affilliates and centred a fair proportion of our speech on participants who had left this blessed Isle and now sheltered in the colonies or the Americas.

To the music: A most interesting mix of melody and complex chord arrangements presented with professional and skillful aplomb by the lady and gentleman of the ensemble who appear under the collective title of `The Little Big Horn Band." and most abely directed by their source arranger and vibe player. Unfortunately due to an accoustical deficit I was unable to hear the announced order of program or indeed the name of the melodies thereon played.

I was greatly impressed by the solo renditions on tenor saxophone by our esteemed forum member. the highlight of my evening, due I would reflect to my own tinkerings on the same instrument, was the alto saxophoinist, who displayed a skill and dexterity of key dance I have never witnessed live before.

To summarize an evening of immeasureable pleasure supplemented with a reasonably fair Madeira. All credit to the musicians and their leader plus a very special plaudit to the lady barotonist for her most entertaining solo.

Unfortunately I had to leave after the first set, my excuse being to my host `Hansoms are hard to contract at such a late hour.` When if truth would out I had a pressing engagement at Mrs. Nuggets Eel pie and Mash establishment which I hoped would be short sharp and sweet, and indeed proved to be just that. As I left the Hart there were mutterings from the assembly of `Look at im he finks Alloween`s come erly. as I twirled my cane in farewell.

Later safe and secure in the carriage conveying me to my lodging in Bethnal Green a shrill whistle shattered the silent street. The cabbie whipped his horse to a gallop yelling coarsly "It`s that Jack agin they`ll nevur catch im."

I smiled wryly and patted my bag of tricks affectionately. Have a ripping time members. Regds early halloween N.
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Wonderful Navarro! Thank you.
I often have "Jack's guided tours" pointing at my block of flats (true)...

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Could that be the same Aldevis Tibaldi that my good lady (who is also my wife) encountered recently in a coffee house in the catacombs 'neath London Bridge railway station, near to the London Dungeon? A pleasant and knowledgeable fellow and a goodly few years younger than me but wordlywise all the same especially on matters of musick. Well vers'd in the English tongue too although I suspect he is out of Genoa, or some such port of the principalities, on a barquentine. Never to return one suspects, but he is welcome here of course.


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Unless the Krays are back, the White Hart will have only three more concerts, before turning into a gastric-pub....
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