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Saxophones a question for those who know about the Bauhaus Walstein M2 Tenor


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Silvis, IL
Bauhaus Walstein M2 Tenor. Never played one. On the lower register; e.g. low C, B, Bb many less expensive horns have to be "blatted" to get a tone that is why I either avoid, change key, or rewrite solos that contain those notes.

I would like to know if with the aforementioned Tenor, can one get a decent subtone on those notes?
Hi Jack,

Yep, the bell notes are a particularly good on the M2. See if you can try one I doubt you will be dissappointed
Never played the tenor but my bronze bari whispers in the low notes when desired. Also intonation in awesome.
I think that any sax, inexpensive or otherwise, which won't play low notes easily requires a bit of attention. A tiny leak will make it hard to play low notes, and the effect of a very small leak is more pronounced on the lowest notes. All saxes should be able to play the full range without problems. If, once a decent player can whisper out the low tones, problems persist, then it's pretty much down to technique.


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