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M/Pieces - Ligs A question for mouthpiece experts!

Fraser Jarvis

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Just been experimenting with a Lawton 7*BB i recently picked up, and really liking what i'm hearing, much more going on in there, tonal concept? Tom>:) as opposed to the Guardala, but being used to much wider tip openings i find it a bit restrictive, so here's my question: if i A get a mouthpiece bod to open it up to lets say 115 thou or B go out and buy an 8*BB will the actual sound be much different?


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Hi Fraser,
I'm not a mouthpiece expert but I have been through a few!
My opinion is leave it alone if it doesn't have any defects.
I think refacing poor quality facings and adjusting the tip opening etc while you are at it is one thing but Lawtons don't have poor quality facings (or at least I have never seen or heard of one thats bad).
You like its sound as is, it also may change. Better or worse you won't know until you've spent the money and altered it for ever.
My next point is that my mouthpiece journey saw me on high baffled very open pieces for many years and I watched others on their own journeys going for smaller baffles and tip openings little by little. I thought.....that will never happen to me, I love big tips and baffles (oh yeah hard rubber was a no no as well).
Well guess what? Approx 105 to 108 tip hard rubber pieces are floating my boat these days and I still get loud and edgey when I feel like it with so much extra in the other departments.
Not everyone is the same I know....
but I don't think I'd be going out on a limb thinking you'll have similar experiences further on down the line.
If you enjoy the Lawton and learn the tip opening you could have done a lot worse.
Good luck


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Approach this with caution- recently had a similar situation with a Berg Larsen- opened from 90 to 105 (would have gone to 110 but the piece wasn't up to it). The reface was faultlessly executed but it never felt 'right' afterwards..... can't quite put my finger on it but it felt it had lost 'something' when it gained tip width.


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My view would be to approach this step by step.

1 Play the 7*BB for a few weeks, and see if you get used to it.

2 If you don't, buy an 8*BB, used, if at all possible, and play that for a few weeks, comparing with the 7*BB

3 Flog whichever you think gives you the least.

This does involve trying up a bit of cash in a mouthpiece, but the plus side is that Lawtons are incredibly easy to sell on. If you buy an 8*BB used, and make sure you don't pay top dollar you should have no problem getting your money back on whichever one you sell on.


Morgan Fry

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Try stiffer reeds first. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to push as much air through a 7* as an 8* (plenty of guys get a huge sound out of even smaller pieces) but you will need a more resistant reed. As far as getting it opened up or a getting a different 8*, it will be different. Getting an 8* will probably be less different than having the 7* opened up. Whether the difference will be better or worse depends on too many things to tell, but you can't both change a thing and keep it the same. It's like getting a full body tattoo of yourself but taller -- it doesn't quite work that way.


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Skabertawe, South Wales
.............It's like getting a full body tattoo of yourself but taller -- it doesn't quite work that way.

I'm sure we'd all be interested in the experience that lay behind this insight, and the influence it has had on your mouthpiece work...........:shocked::w00t:;}

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