A Pretend Tenor Sax Song....


West Dorset
As I'm not a real sax player (but love the sax) but I hope you'll accept me posting my very first recording using a sax sound on my EWI.

My approach is not to try to emulate a real saxophone but simply to accept the sound I can play on my EWI which happens to sound rather like a tenor sax. Real sax players I'm sure will immediately recognise that it's not real.

Anyroadup, enuff of my talking and I'm genuinely interested to hear what you guys have to say. It's called "Satin".

Link: http://soundcloud.com/redrobin-music/satin-feat-redrobin

Thanks :)
Very chilled! I quite like it, it's nice, smooth and relaxed and just slips along nicely.
Thanks, Taz! :)

Encouragement is always appreciated. Your words perfectly describe the material called satin.
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