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Accessories A possibly boring question, but...


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... My cleaning swab appears to have caused a couple of (really) minor scratches visible at the top on the inside of the bell (and probably more I can't see), so... my question is - what's the best cleaning kit options - for the full body, neck and mpc? Or are small scratches part and parcel? Thanks in advance, guys!


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I tend to use BG body swabs of various kinds - A30 A and A30 T on alto and tenor sax respectively, and A 33 for straight soprano and also sax necks on alto and tenor. They are all pull through swabs and seem really gentle, and are easily washed/dried.

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Justin Chune

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Get something that won't scratch your sax. My most recent purchase is a Trevor James Microfiber Swab, and while I was at it I bought a sax neck brush. Don't pull anything through your mouthpiece. Mouthpiece brushes are also available, though I clean mine with cold water and dry it with a sheet of Plenty.


Morgan Fry

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I've always just used the padsavers that you leave in the horn. Wash out the mouthpiece with cold soapy water and a toothbrush maybe weekly, pull any old rag through the neck at the same time.


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Thanks everyone. Going to invest in a better pull through this weekend. Have already got a gentle brush for neck and mouth.


Discussions like this one only reinforce my view that it is better not to clean the exterior of our saxes...within certain limits of course.
Surely I would avoid using any daily rubbing action to get rid of the usual deposits from saliva, dust etc. - the daily 100% shine is desirable but unfortunately the continuous rub and wipe is going to affect the lacquer and the gradual degradation is going to show up one day.
A way to show this would be possible: one should keep sax A "uncleaned" for a year and compare to sax B which has been cleaned on a daily basis...I'm convinced here that in the end the one left alone is going to be the shinier.
All I do is use a light duster here and there (once a month?)....occasionally, I've done a bit of wiping too (every 3 months?).


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Zannad, this bodes well for all of my saxes.
I leave them all out on the stands, so they are rarely dried, although I have pull throughs for all of them - one for mouthpiece and neck, one for the body (not the bari, obviously)
They air-dry and collect dust on a daily basis!
I have always been advised not to use a pad saver alone - pull through to dry first.

Occasionally I'll give a sax a wash - damp clean hanky and tepid water, followed by a dry with a clean hanky, and get into the nooks and crannies with the careful use of a pipecleaner folder in half, to avoid the pointy ends doing any scratching.

Mind you, I treat my car the same - 4 years old and washed maybe 3 times...just not worth the effort :w00t:


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I'm lazy.Only wash my mp and inside neck.My sax never gets cleaned !!!!!!!!!!! shiny bad, scruffy goodddddd

Colin the Bear

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I clean mine when they're new and lovely. A quick wipe with a soft cloth while still wet from playing and a now and then intesive with some mr sheen. Once they get a bit battered and tattered I tend to go just for hygiene and practicality with the cleaning.

I think "brand new" and "old friend" are the best looks for me. In between it's just a dilemma. And buying a vintage look brand new sax would just confuse me.

I wouldn't worry about scratches with a sax you intend to keep. It's the sound after all, not the look that matters. Annoying if you're selling it though.
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