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A Point In Time...


I appreciate the suggestion...Thank you!
However, I'm not good enough for that type of thing. I'll just keep plugging away
and maybe I will improve with this technique. Maybe not. But it's worth trying....

half diminished

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I've tried false fingering also but I am not sure that I'd be able to use it effectively in my playing - I struggle sounding remotely OK with my soloing anyway! I do have an interesting album - Monadic by Larry Stabbins. He does loads of weird stuff.


Well, lately for the last few days this is what I have been focusing on. It's difficult to put it in a working situation
but I'm enjoying trying to. I record myself daily. There are so many out there who utilize this technique with perfection. The thing that I happen to be doing
is not textbook false fingering stuff. I've been hearing things that apparently are not in the books or in tutorial youtube video's.
For myself I always prefer the free jazz idiom over traditional jazz. In this idiom there is way more flexibility for experimentation.

It really comes down to thinking a different way and trying to hear overtones that are not traditionally presented. I'm by far not an expert sax player that I've encompassed chordal playing and so I'm doing this false fingering thing because I've mastered the other stuff.
I'm the type of musician/composer that will always try and stay out of the style that most adhere to. This is what keeps me interested in playing the saxophone. It may not appeal to a great many who play the sax or listen to jazz, but it's what I enjoy doing and this gives me the greatest amount of satisfaction that at least I try.

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