A meal to die for - 6000 calorie burger!!! Only in the USA!

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Was our equivalent the old greasy spoon trucker stop of the 60s and 70s?
Still miss the giant tea pot that poured liquid, (was it really tea?) into the closely spaced mugs leaving a skim of oil on top, the tethered tea spoon and the menu that always had 'double' items available. The serving staff certainly were not as attractive.
Wonder why the doctor put me on statins?


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Thank you for posting this Ian. Makes my own diet look positively macro-biotic.

Something tells me those young ladies don't eat much of the house fare.

Hey, Bill, what a great definition of an authentic greasy spoon, the tethered teaspoon. Haven't seen one of those for years. There used to be a truck stop in South Yorskishre on the A1 which had one.


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After having an angioplasty in 1997 aged just 42 (I will be 56 in August) I look at that video and I think...I want one, oh god, I want one, hit me with that quad now, cravings, desire, burger, fat, mayonaise, toasted bun, fried onion!!! I want to die of burger attack now!!!!
Pause for thought
More thought
Still more thought..., still freakin' want one!!!!

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