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A long time coming but I finally did it!!!!


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Don't laugh but I've finally managed my first notes. I know, ages coming but I'm well chuffed.

I know they say don't but honestly, after the mouthpiece that came with Boozy Squawk (Boosey & Hawkes 400 alto) which was plastered inside and out with lipstick, a cheapo replacement on eBay and then today, a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece; not only did I not get any squeaks but I actually managed Three Blind Mice. I am so chuffed it is untrue. Before, it sounded as if the "A" was going up but me secretly thinks it actually helped having my fingers on the right keys.

Right, off to spin round on my chair at least 10 times and have a brandy to celebrate! I thought I would never get a note out of it and was doomed!;}
That's great, well done :welldone

Now you've just got to keep going, adding more notes and before you know it you'll be blowing away with your eye's closed belting out tunes like a one of the true sax greats. Or am I the only one who has these visions of grandeur :blush:

Best wishes,

Many congratulations!
Onward and upward now (not the upping A however)
On another thread there was discussion about the advisability of beginners using a good mouthpiece, such as the Yamaha 4C. I think you are living proof that that is the way to go. As Chris 98 says, now just other notes.
Oh dear. Another mortal on the doomed trail to GAS.

Excellent! yes just keep going and all the notes will come. Last night I managed to get 2 or 3 notes in the altissmo range which I'm chuffed about! not that I'll use them yet in any songs but it just shows my embouchure etc is coming along slowly :)
Wonderful, I'm so happy for you. These leaps in our learning are what keep us marching on. But when someone in the cafe tells everyone else, it inspires us all for our next step. Onward and upward!
Thats great news, but please, please, please remember the most important rule! Always spin your chair ten times in the opposite direction to the first ten rotations, otherwise you'll get dizzy and probably spill your brandy!
Thats great news, but please, please, please remember the most important rule! Always spin your chair ten times in the opposite direction to the first ten rotations, otherwise you'll get dizzy and probably spill your brandy!

Err I thought the most important rule was to put Boozy Squawk down first so that I didn't spill any brandy down it!

Cheers for all the comments folks.
Why are you drinking brandy in the Shetlands? A nice single malt would be more appropriate.
I'm confused why did you start with something as difficult as three blind mice:)
Hi unlinked

Here is a little something you may find helpful and something I used to do all the time and still do occasionally now

the most important thing to achieve is enjoyment from your sax and to this end why not try this
when you first start playing you are trying to do lots of different things you have never done before all at the same read the music, form the embouchure, blow the sax, get your fingers doing the right thing,etc,etc,etc

why not eliminate most of these and only concentrate on one, this being blow, the sax,the sax has it's own natural note which requires nothing more than to blow ,this happens to be middle C# but this is irrelevant,

so get set up reed moistened sax comfy on sling held lightly with thumb under rest place mpc in gob
no fingers on any keys light grip on mpc with lips and just blow, a note should appear as if by magic,
this can be altered by simply opening and closing mouth gently whilst blowing all good fun, and if this works ok try touching reed with tongue whilst blowing, blow hard,blow soft,in fact blow really hard and really soft,tongue ,and don't tongue the world is your oyster.

if this goes ok move on to the advanced procedure WOW add first finger left hand on to relevant key this is middle B but also irrelevant at this time,and repeat previous exercise blow as hard or soft as you like, if this goes ok continue adding fingers from top downwards and making as much noise as possible until you get three fingers on each hand on keys then start taking them off again from the bottom upwards and then you can just go up and down as much as you like you'll soon find it amazing fun and it will improve your playing no end I really hope you enjoy this exercise and find it helpful....:w00t::welldone...john

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