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hi, i am a girl for those that dont know and said that i girlfriend can soon teach me the blues :confused:

I play the alto saxophone but I am hoping to get a tenor saxophone. I borrow a baritone saxophone from school from time to time as they are a tad to expensive for me to buy one.

I am heading into my 4th year of playing the saxophone and i recently past my grade 4 and grade 5 theory but i hate doing my grades it is just i want to get them over with.

i play in a soul band and a swing band and a concert band and i am the lead saxophone in all of them for the past year still fairly inexperienced as i am only 14 but i still know more than a beginner obviously. lost the passion to play at the moment which is a tad rubbish.

i basically love any type of music just depends which song and what the meaning is. i love things like jazz and soul but then again what can i say i also love oasis :D but i really love to play soul and jazz, just need to practice more!

old git

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Guilty and beg your pardon.
You sound fairly normal to me, if you like everything a group or musician does, then you are a fanatic and not appreciating the better and best parts of their work. If you live in Surrey, they have an excellent youth jazz big band. Lead alto in that a few years back was also female and had her instrument serviced by Griff who is also a BR member.
Welcome and enjoy.

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Hi and welcome.

About the grades - why are you doing them? Perhpas just leave them alone for some time and play the music you want, they way you want to play it. Whatever feels good. Any style, any tempo, play what you feel like playing.

Sounds like it might all be too regimented at the moment and you're tired of it, so go and blow any old tune you fancy.

Perhaps drop one or two of the bands if they're not inspiring you. Nothing worse than playing because you feel you have to.

Stick with it, but just do what you fancy for a while then come back to the grades later (if you want to/need to). You'll probably sail through any grade pieces you're working on once you've left them alone for a while.



I'll ditto that, play for fun, grades are not so important that your resent your practice or instrument....enjoyment is what its about.

Oh and welcome to the BR, have fun in here and don't be afraid to ask for advice, there is surely to be someone who can assist you.

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See if there is a jazz jam session in you area? We dunno where you are but for example there's a good 'un near Milton Keynes.


I think we'd be excited to get a youngster along to the Woburn jam session- there's no one under 40!
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Pee Dee

Hiya young'un
Nice to have a bit of young blood among all these old fogies:welldone
Re your dilemma I also agree with Phil, he said it all.
Look forward to seeing your progress.
We have a young lady in our swing band, I think she's probably about 14/15
age group, and she was voted young musician of the year, probably this area, not sure. But the point is, I am surprised that she, and the other younger members of the band, want to play the stuff we do anyway old (30's - 50's),
swing jazz stuff. Even before my time:shocked:
Anyway, good luck in your search.

Pete Thomas

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hi, i am a girl for those that dont know and said that i girlfriend can soon teach me the blues :confused:

Don't worry, that was a comment by Old Git. He can be a bit of an Old Git, but has a heart of gold.

I think what he meant was that a big part of the blues is a (male) person having a hard time on account of a woman. Either leaving them or not quite being the "good woman" they expected.

Not so much teaching you the blues as being responsible for the blues. Does that make sense? (It also works the other way round, a female blues singer or player would get the blues on account of a bad boyfriend).

It's also quite a common error for (male) people of an internet forum to assume that everyone who joins is also male. I have probably been guilty of this myself. I'm very happy that here we have quite a lot of ladies here, compared with many of this type of forum which can easily become a sort of bloke's club and a bit exclusive.

After all that, a big welcome to the Breakfastroom.


All i can say is that unlike a lot of us who have started much later in life you are very fortunate to have found the sax at such an early age. Agree you should find it fun otherwise you will put the sax down and maybe not pick it up again.
It is normal in life to have little blips where you don't feel inspired but be aware that we on this forum all have the luck to be able to play an instrument. Many don't. It is something really special so try and stick with it. Look at grades as a stepping stone to real personal freedom, they are only a really short part of your life, imagine having to do them when you get to our old wrinkly ages. Yuk!
Just like Pee Dee we also have a young girl in our band, she is 15 years old and plays also a young lad of 13, it is great to have young people in the band. Keep up the good work. :w00t:

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