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Recipes A Kitchen novice says I cooked this snack this morning and it is worth the fuss..


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Effectively this has a simple equivalent in a cheese and ham toasty.
But it is about a million times more tasty.

Be warned it is more filling than you would ever imagine and as someone with a decent appetite one of these will get me through the next 8 hours with ease where as its cheese and ham toasty cousin would need to be supplemented after a few hours.

It's not my recipe but its worth the full 20 mins and I add the pinch of salt to the top of the bread before applying the grated cheese then a few shreds of ham on top as well.

Here's the link

That's a variant of our 'Croque Monsieur'. The 'Croque Madame' is the same with an egg on top! ;)

The choice of bread, ham and cheese can make a huge difference.

On the down side, I would imagine the Nutri-Score* of this quite rich 'gourmandise' to be high. Most likely an E. *There is an English version EN

What is Nutri-Score about?​

  • A front-of-pack label that informs about the nutritional quality of a product, in a simplified and complementary way with the mandatory nutritional statement (as stated in the INCO Regulation)
  • Based on a five-color nutritional scale: from dark green to dark orange
  • Associated with letters , from A to E, to optimize the logo accessibility and understanding by the consumer

How are the points attributed?​

The logo is attributed according to the calculation of a single and overall score that takes into account for every 100 gr or 100 mL of food product:

  • the amount of nutrients that should be limited: energy, saturated fatty acid, sugars, salt;
  • the amount of nutrients and foods that should be encouraged (fibers, proteins, fruits, vegetables, pulse, nuts, and rapeseed, walnut and olive oils).
Yes thats it, Croque Monsieur!!
I knew that but I forgot.

As for the Nutri score.....
I'm afraid I live to eat, not eat to live. I probably never eat anything that gets an A or B and certainly not because thats how its been rated.:oops:
That said, one of these about a month apart is not going to hurt.
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As for the Nutri score...
To be honest I don't care that much. But my cousin who's a medic and a very healthy bloke, he works for the fire brigade in Marseille and must stay fit to carry his equipment through the narrow streets the ambo can't reach, mentioned it recently and I noticed it is shown on most food we buy nowadays.

Oh, I just checked a few bottles of Pastis, Whisky and Calvados, but nothing there. So I take it that's fine! :confused2:
Oh, I just checked a few bottles of Pastis, Whisky and Calvados, but nothing there. So I take it that's fine! :confused2:
Exactly we have evidence we have is that it's not a D or E rating right?
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