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A Grand Day Out


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Rode over hill and down dale on my little motorbike, including some steep bits and some twisty bits, and some bits inside clouds, ending up in Patelely Bridge, where @Andrew Sanders and David Wallace have their glass workshop. I met @kevgermany there, and we watch and listened to Andrew and David making glass for a couple of hours.

And it was incredible. So skilled, such amazing partnership work, such beautiful pieces. Andrew was making bottles with stoppers at one point - that have to match, perfectly. And it seemed to me they could have come out any size but they didn't, they came out just as they should. Just from skill and experience. With coloured swirls from applied minerals, and bubbles in the glass, made by bicarb of soda sprinked on part way through - chemical magic! I can't tell you how incredible it was to watch. And every piece unique.

If ever you need a pressie or a treat for yourself, their drinking glasses, the paperweights, the bottles, well everything really was just stunning, and it seems they can be posted pretty much everywhere safely.

(I bought this gorgeous piece back on my motorbike safely. )

We then went for lunch in a pub that was in a slightly different place from where Kev remembered it ;) and much good food was consumed (thanks Andrew :thumb:) and much saxophone-related and other nattering was done.

Then eventually another two-and-a-half hours riding through the lovelyYorkshire Dales home.

What wonderful people Andrew and Kev (and David) are. And did I mention Andrew and David's glass is gorgeous!

I had an amazing day, thanks guys :thanks3:
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Was great, I agree. Treated my German taxi like a bike and thrashed it a bit on the way over. Brought some memories back. Especially of arriving at a deceptively tight corner far to fast and having it tighten up on me as I got into it. I think that's a set of tyres that won't see another winter. Was great to meet Jay and, at the second try, Andy. I'd just echo everything Jay said, except the bits about me. The effortless skill that goes into glass blowing was an eye opener, just like watching a great sax player. My new goal is to play the way these guys blow glass. Relaxed, smooth, practiced and beautiful. Thanks again Andy. And also to Wol.

Nice bike you've got Jay, I'm almost tempted, but...

Andrew Sanders

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Gosh I'm blushing here. Thank you Jay.

It was really nice to meet you and Kev for the first time, although it seemed like we've been mates for years. So much to talk about (and not only saxophones).

I'm glad you and the paperweight got back safely.

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