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A Crock Pot Sax

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What's Cook'in?

I'm cook'in up a tenor sax.

How so? You may ask.

Well, I've been saving money on my grocery bill for the express purpose of buying a new tenor saxophone. My methods have been crude, even cruel. I've been torturing myself with boxed dinners and oddles of noodles. Dried potato flakes, pasta, and rice. All in an effort to save money on groceries so I can save up to buy a new sax.

It's been working. I have money! :welldone

But not quite enough. I'm just shy by a little bit. I also had a catastrophe. I broke down and went shopping for some real food.

I just couldn't take the boxed dinners much longer. :)))

However, I found an even better way to save for the sax. ;}

Crock Pot Cookery!

That's right. Today I went shopping and bought enough food for all of December. But I bought it in bulk. Freezing much of it. It's all ingredients for stews. The cock pot is going to get a work-out this month. And with that slight savings from the normal way I used to buy food I managed to squeak out just enough cash for my new tenor sax.

Isn't life wonderful? :thumb:



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Are you a "Crackpot Crock Pot Cook".................................:shocked::w00t:;}

Given that you have had to neglect your nutrition over recent weeks, you may not actually be strong enough to lift a Tenor Sax, and may have to get a Soprano Sax instead
and then buy some protein drinks to restore you to former health :thumb:

Seriously, do let us know when you acquire the beast.........................



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You want cheap dinners? Never mind the boxed stuff...LENTILS. And if you're not vegetarian...OFFAL.


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well, for cheap meals it is indeed difficult to beat the use of pulses, so yes, chickpeas, lentils, beans.

In Italy there are countless recipes with " Pasta & chickpeas, lentils or beans " it used to be the foundation of popular nutrition for people who didn't have a lot of money and certainly could buy expensive curs of meat ( some recipes could be supplemented with a little sausage or " pancetta" which is the Italian bacon. These recipes provide a good balance between carbohydrates and proteins and minerals. You could cook the re-hydrated pulses (much cheaper than the ones in a tin) and freeze the and then add the pasta when you are cooking them. One thing that you shouldn't save money on is to get yourself some GOOD olive oil which gives you great taste (especially when used raw at the end of the cooking time) and vitamins and it is great for your arteries.

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