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A Chat with "our own" Aldevis Tibaldi


I've been talking to interesting people online since 2007. Recently, I have recorded discussions with a few musicians. What could be more natural than to start talking to saxophonists right here? It's always interesting to me to hear players and composers express their impressions on learning, playing, living, teaching and creating.
First victim here is Aldevis Tibaldi. My initial impression of Aldevis was "why have I never heard of this guy?" I'm happy to report that now I have. :clapping:

In case you don't go to Soundcloud, thanks to the inline player, here's the notes:
Aldevis (pronounced like "Al Davis") is a transplant to London from Italy where he first learned music. I "met" him on a great site called Café" Saxophone [] and wanted to hear how he saw saxophone playing and composing. Listen to his music on YouTube:

Music excerpt: "A Gardenia in Dean Street"
Aldevis Tibaldi tenor saxophone
John Eacott trumpet
Paul Taylor trombone
Liam Dunachie piano
Richard Sadler bass
Chris Gale drums
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A most excellent start

Aldevis is a great player and good to hear his thoughts on future projects

Interesting point that contemporary downloadable audio loses the background knowledge; who played on what track, where recorded etc.
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