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A change to plain Pasta

Linky Lee

Salisbury, UK
We all like pasta, and there's no better substitute when you haven't got much time, don't want to go through loads of effort but still want a satisfactory meal.

This is my little lunch time pasta dish.

  • Dried Pasta (Most varieties, Penne and Fusili work well)
  • Cheddar Cheese (Mature, not too strong though, strength to taste really)
  • Bacon (2 rashers)
  • Carrots (2)
  • Brown Sauce (HP is the best)
  • Black Pepper

boil the pasta as usual and boil the carrots till they are cooked but not mushy (Al Dente). Grill the Bacon to taste.

Dab the bacon with kitchen roll to absorb the grease/fat and chop into small squares.

Dish up the pasta and mix in the carrots and bacon slices.
grate cheese and grind pepper on.
Finally add a small amount of brown sauce just to lightly dress the pasta.

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