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A book on Finger Exercises


Not quite sure where to put this so I opted for the Breakfast Room.
Project Gutenberg releases ebooks that are scanned from out of copyright originals.

This morning this one caught my eye:-

The book is Automatic Finger Control by the US School of Music.
published in 1921.
The aim is to build up strength and dexterity in the arm wrist and fingers to make playing any instrument easier.
It even has the finger exercise I used to do to strengthen my little finger for playing double bass and bass guitar.

Available to read online or download in EPUB or Kindle format


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That looks interesting. Stretching exercises and calisthenics for your fingers. The only finger I have difficulty with controlling is the middle finger of my right hand when someone cuts me off when I am driving. One time I sprained a finger of my right hand and two fingers had to be taped together to prevent further injury. A fellow tech I worked with in the repair shop (who knew me quite well) saw that and said "John, how are you going to be able to drive home"? :)
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