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A bit of a confession really


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Hi everyone

Well I'm three yrs in now and recently,despite struggling with scales for most of this time I have really started to enjoy practising them now in there different forms and modes and arpeggios etc.etc.Is this a natural progression thing or have I turned into a total sax nerd,any thoughts ...john:w00t:


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Why don't you take your sop in the car and practice there as well. The other guys will let you have the first fare, just to get away from the noise...

There's a certain pleasure to be derived from scale mastery - smoothness, speed, arrangements... Go for it!

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One way to think of it is as a progression like this: unskilled - semi-skilled - skilled - craftsman - artist. Skill increases as one goes along this progression, but somewhere in the divide between craftsman and artist something else comes into it. I cannot describe it but I recognise it when I hear a great artist.

There is a view about that practice needn't aim at anything in particular, as long as one enjoys the experience. You have clearly progressed beyond that stage. Congratulations for having worked it out.
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