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A big thank to Stephen Howard and the Haynes Saxophone Manual

half diminished

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I've had a rattly side Bb key for months and today I'd just had enough! So a quick strip, clean, oil, refit, tweak/bend, increase the spring tension, replace the little rubber tube, tweak again, close the 'end' gap slightly (and carefully) with pliers - et voila.... no more rattles!. :w00t:

Thoroughly good read too. Might even have a go at a full service when it's due, just before I take it to Griff to put right everything I have messed up! >:) Ah well, maybe I will and maybe I won't.

Still a good book though.
Have done that to a few keys. Big thanks from me as well. Saved me a couple of trips into Munich... So the book's easily paid for itself, but not for the spares/tools yet.
Hi Ian
Where did you get your wee bit of tube from? I've got the same rattle.
Can I add my own thanks too the list, I had problems with the lower notes on my cigar cutter alto which I could not figure out until my kids bought me this manual for fathers day.
as soon as I read that a leaking g sharp can cause the problems I was having I checked my sax sure enough the g sharp was opening very slightly, following the instructions, I adjusted the spring tension and problem solved.
Cheers guys!

It's really heartening to hear of people using the manual to solve everyday niggles and problems that would only take a tech barely a minute to sort, but which make playing a horn a real chore.

I also would like to recommend Stephens Book. I also have purchased the book and have had instant success with doing a complete strip down of my alto sax. Many tips and serious info on tweaking and service your your own sax. Great pictures, excellent step by step instructions a must for any sax player interested in their instrument.
A big thumbs up Steve.
On the basis of these glowing references I purchased the book and it arrived today. Had a quick look through and it seems as if it could be very useful. I may well have a go at some basic maintenance soon on the strength of the tips and techniques, etc given in the book. I will however makes my first attempts on the least valuable of my instruments. :)

I will however makes my first attempts on the least valuable of my instruments. :)SLoB

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