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What do we think about posting a ballad a month... that anyone who want 's to have a go of uploading their version of a ballad selected my one of the moderators each Month....
I am saying that it be a ballad rather than a tune... because some of the great tunes can be seriously challenging... Not to say some Ballads are'nt.
A simple ballad gives the opportunity for all of us to have a go at it... play it nice and straight or embellished.. whatever... Put some challenge in our musical life :shocked:
this my example of what WE can try....
Just listened to 'When I Fall in Love' i thought you did a great job, 10/10.Fantastic idea to have a ballad a month. Did you play your own backing track?
Thanks.. Saxpa... The backing track is from a Hal Leonard Real book play along...
Nice take on " When I fall in love" Adrian, good idea for a ballad a month as well. Are we having this as the first one? Seeing how you have set the standard..
Love the idea. Will have to give it a go ... and then if I can replicate Mr Thomas's clip-on mic, who knows, might even try a recording ... :)
Fantastic Chris :welldone ..... Well played .... Great backing track (as usual) and the mike works perfectly.... :w00t:

Adrian, thanks for having a listen:thumb:, I would think it might be good if I had done one chorus of improv and tried to explain what i was thinking:confused: and why I played this that or the other. But it's hard enough thinking about playing the sax and reading for the time being.
Hopefully some more guys/girls will post and we might be able to develop the thread.;}

Well I could not resist having a go so I learned it by ear this morning as it was quiet at work.

The Old Conn doing what Old Conns like doing best.

Go to my link at the bottom of the page for the tune;}
Lovely,:thumb: just what i wanted to here an a damp afternoon in Manchester:D. The Old Conn, seemed to enjoy that. Then again I think the player did as well. You sounded in control all the way through the tune and it came over very well.:welldone Thanks for posting..

A ballad a month, I love the idea :)
Here's my effort on the subject: When I Fall In Love
This is made with my old Yanagisawa Tenor/PPT No 9 (Could easily be translated to: Love potion No 9) and a backingtrack from Standardstrax.
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Well Rune what can I say, lovely,:welldone very smooth, total control and nice phrasing round the melody second time round:welldone. A pleasure to listen to.:welldone

Ee gadds we've got some talent on this website! These are all superb and very listenable versions, all subtly different, all very personal. You guy's have set the bar at a very high standard, I hope this doesn't stop some of the newer and less experienced members from posting their versions.
Whooo :shocked: Great to hear such a great response.... More please..:welldone
I hope this doesn't stop some of the newer and less experienced members from posting their versions.

Goin to have a try at this, i have a few weeks :eek: see how it goes
Go for it trimmy... having a go It is what it is all about ....:sax:
Here is my crack at it then...
On Alto and played about with for artistic liscense :w00t:
A very special thank you to Chris for

A) Making me look at the thread
B) supplying the backing track
C) Making me get off my butt and have a go!
:thumb::thumb::thumb: Cheers Chris

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