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6 Months on the Road literally and Physically.


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Having now returned back home after 6 months travelling in UK I'd like to thank several people

As some of you may know, I had planned to visit Europe, UK and Ireland, 2 months each, however this got .....shall we say hugely modified when I was pushed off my bike heading into Southampton heading to see Pete Thomas. I intended to visit for the night and be on my way to meet Taz, AndyG and a few others up in Rugby the following week.

My blog tells most of it, which is in the Blogs section of this forum, but what it doesn't say, is that I want to thank several Forum people for there help and kindness.

Old Git, more than kindly offered his lovely bike for me to use for the trip, even gave me a helmet, gloves, bags and spares for the journey. Bill helped me assemble the trailer, and to get on the road and fulfill my dream of cycling and busking. I am extremely sorry that the bike got damaged (not too seriously) and it was Bills wish that I sell it at the end of the trip and donate any funds to Pete's Charity, which I have done! An extremely generous donation.

Pete actually took me into A&E, and hosted me for some time after, while I got semi sorted and qued up to get operations in Poole Hospital. I returned to visit Pete and his family several times, and humbly thank them for being so kind and helpfull.

I had hoped to meet more Cafe Sax people, than I did, various circumstances just simply got in the way, which frustrated me no end however, sometimes you simply cannot push water uphill!

We have a fabulous forum here with excellent very friendly people.

I did manage to complete one Buskermania event in Stratford, special thanks to wemeet again, AndyG & Fraser Jarvis and also Jules in Crowborough and Pete Canter in Devon!

Now reflecting upon what I've learnt, what I want to do next, and to be grateful of the oppertunity to do what I do!

Many thanks.....I intend to return next year for the much improved rerun without the hiccups!

It was quite an adventure, like no other I've been on!

Cheers from home base in New Zealand
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Hi Jimu
Good to hear you had a safe trip back to NZ and was a pleasure to meet up with you.
Hope we can meet up again some day.


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Jimu I am so sorry that we never managed to meet up in Rugby, or anywhere else for that matter. Buskmainia still has your name on it, so maybe when you return next year?
Put your feet up now your home, you deserve a break (no pun intened)


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Pity you didn't make it down here, but next time... Glad to hear you're back safe and sound!


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Next year, if your visit coincides with our trip back to Blighty, you might like to join me and my good lady Carole on a days sailing the Solent.
If not, Alicante, Spain, is a pretty good place to hang up your boots on our balcony for a few days.
We are going to be on our way to Oz for three months next year, but we've still to sort that out. It's going to be an annual thing, renting near Sydney. So if you fancy popping in for a flat white -


Fraser Jarvis

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Hi, Jimu,
Glad to hear you made it back safely after your earlier spill! good to meet up with you down at stratford for the busk as well.

Hopefully we can do it again when your over next, and "hopefully" next time i will be able to hear the backing music!!



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Hi Jimu

Sorry to hear you've returned to NZ before I could meet you,but glad to hear your home safe and sound, and even better that you intend to return next year.I hope you manage it again,(you're not a masachist by any chance are you).My sincerest apologies for not getting to meet you when you were in my region but as I said at the time I was in the throws revamping the kitchen and would have been hung out to dry if I had gone sloping off.I will look forward to meeting you on your next visit,and my own playing should have improved considerably by then,here's wishing you all the best till then....john

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What larks you've had Jimu! Glad you're home safe and sound. Sorry you didn't get to visit Pateley Bridge on the way home from Scotland. Next year we must meet up.


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Thanks for all the well wishes and future offers of meetups across the globe, yes this last trip was a teaser for the much improved verson next year, and I will also be wiser tho still a masochist. The joker in me wants to meet you all..... and when I do it will be more than worth the wait.
Till then .... let the playing, practicing and planning begin.

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