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Saxophones 53' Conn 6M vs. The World...


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Can a later 50's Conn such as one from 1953 really compete with other horns in terms of speed of ergos? I know it has a great tone but sometimes I feel the action lags a little. Although I never played one I figure a horn like a King Super 20/Zephyr might have more fluid ergos for playing fast. Or rather, playing complex AND fast. Someone once said Conns are good for old-trad type stuff and that's it, but of course that's not true although there may be some value in this saying... any opinions? Sorry if I'm rambling, blame the guinness.

You can't play crazy 60's coltrane type stuff on a conn, for example. But I can still play "outside" it just takes a little bit of effort, and the tone quality is rewarding. Playing outside and fast though is harder, though...
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A Conn 6M -53 can't compare to a modern alto when it comes to ergonomics. The new saxes are better in this matter. Intonation has also become more accurrate on modern saxes. Smaller differences can be adjust by you as player. The combination between mpc - reed - keyhieghts are also important. If you buy a Conn 6M from a dealer make sure the keyheights are proberly sat from the way you play.

Conn 6M was one of the major brands in the jazzfield. Lots of musicians played on Conns. From time to time Charlie Parker was on Conn, and he was fast!?!? Conn 6M and King Zephyr are quite simular when if you compare tone and ergonomics. King super 20 and Zephyr are roughly the same sax, if I remember right. King Super 20 were premium to the late 60's. The models with silver bell and silver necks, underslung octave key, double socket necks .. are delicate. I think Conns peak as manufactor was pre WWII. But you can find very nice saxes from the 50's. I guess the put together saxes from old inventory. So you can find Conns with the "small adjustment screws" for the keys on a -57, but without rolled toneholes. See link below. After -59, Conn become more or less a producer of studentsaxes, but they had a small productionline in Elkhart. Conn's bari to low A -68 was a result from the "Elhart line".

For me saxes like Conn 6M&26M, Beuschers 400 BB, Martins Committee I, II & "The Martins" and Kings Zephyr, Zephyr Special and Super 20 are first rate. But there are lots of other good saxes ...... . If you can stand the the ergonomics, they can compare with modern horns. Also more flexible when it comes to mpc's. A modern horn are more "pre set". But this is my opinon.



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and don,t forget you also have the great super twenty "silversonic" available in both tenor and alto ! charlie parker had one which is now on proud display in the charlie parker museum in kansas

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