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SOLD 3 Soprano mps, 1 price

Selling 3 soprano mps as a job lot. Yanagisawa metal 9 sop mp, very easy loud blower. Rico M7 Metalite sop mp and a Yamaha 4C sop mp. All in top condition. Sell the 3 for £115.00 all in. Dontation to forum.


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North West UK
I`d separate them , the kind of person interested in the Yani 9 isn`t goibg to want a 4C for anything bar plugging knotholes in the skirting board and the M7 doesn`t really fit in line either - the latter two are ideal buys for someone selling a Sop on and want to bung in a piece , the M7 even a seller as an experiment with brassier sound ? ..
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