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Reeds 3-part Reed Break-In YOUTUBE Videos

Reed Videos

Hi Rick

Thanks for your videos they are very helpful. I was wondering what the music is that you use at the beginning of them? I love it.


Hey, Dave

thanks for the note! I use various compositions of mine for these videos.
Perhaps you're referring to the saxophone quartet music used in the reed vids?

This is a piece of mine called Cityscapes (SATB).
You can listen a little more here:

~ Rick
Your Part 2 is actually a repeat of Part 1!
Obvious really but I've never thought about capilliaries before. I've just changed to a slighty harder reed for alto, La Voz 2M. Took one out of the box at random and did a bit of conditioning like you suggest. My reeds usually require a bit of blowing in, but this was fine straight off. Whether it was the conditioning or not I don't know, but it is interesting to try. I shall try some without conditioning see what happens!
Sax Quartets

Hi Rick
Yes it was the reed Videos I was referring to. Superb writing and playing.



ps have put your website in my favourites

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