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2x Grassi jade roller saxophones!


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi all, long story but I have 2 Grassi jade roller saxophones for sale now. You may have noticed I discussed these on the forum last week. I have since spent £700 on another sax so I can't be bothered to fix up the jade roller saxes now and they are just sitting in my flat! One of them is in lovely cosmetic condition with the original green pads and most of the rollers. The other one I purchased has all of the missing parts I required for the nicer sax and it could be fixed up with standard rollers and I paid £275 & £255 for both these saxes (perhaps a little bit silly?) However, if anyone is interested please feel free to make me a sensible offer for both. Around £400 will be ok and I will post. You can email for photos and of course 5% of my sale will be donated through here. If an offer is made it will have to be on the forum rather than PM so I can donate the correct amount.

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