2012/05.. God Bless The Child


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Hi All.

I`ve decided to go with Saxade`s shout ."God Bless The Child". I`ve always liked this as well but never bothered to learn it .
So. Heres a bit of a challenge and lot`s of fun for May.
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I've just been listening to a fabulous version performed by Sharleen Spiteri. I cant post a link 'cos I'm on my phone and dont know how!
Very nice. Now to find a suitable backing track.
Lovely choice: I knew OF this tune, but never really paid attention.

One of the challenges I find with a new tune is that if I start by listening to, say, the Freddie Hubbard performance (excellent though it is), is that I don't clearly hear the melody coming through if I don't already know the tune. So what I tend to do is to seek out someone who gives the tune relatively straight, unadorned, unornamented. Time and again, I find Julie London fits the bill. The production style is very much of its time and somewhat cheesy, but her voice is deliciously sultry and she sings the melody to the point that one can follow the dots.

Sadly I have no youtube link, but for them as use Spotify, it's available there.
Hi All. I'm new to this forum, even newer to this topic. Nevertheless, I hope you don't mind if I join the game for this month's ballad. I'll study the rules later on.
Here it goes: http://www.burckhardt.li/caverne/SOTW/GodBless.mp3
I took it in Eb, as in the Real Book (Vol. 1).
The backing duo is provided by BiaB.
Very very nice! I really like the tone you've got, breathy and sensual. I also love the way you appear to skip along through the improvisation with a nice flowing style.
@Dexdex, +1 to everything Taz has just said. A pleasure to listen to...

Adrian. That sounded like it was being played on the radio. Very well produced and ace playing.

DexDex . I hope you continue to post your stuff. I checked your soundclick and was impressed with all your playing . Nice thick vintage tones hence your nickname. Oh have you had a chance to read back the thread. You are really still in at the beginning. Hopefully some of the other sax freaks out there lurking will also start to post tunes.:welldone
Dexdex.... that was awesome :welldone
Hey Saxplorer, very enjoyable listen. Thanks for posting, nothing wrong with oops moments, just play loads of them and call it free jazz.>:)

Heres my attempt. The usual apologies for liberties taken.

Link at myspace at bottom as usual:)
Hi Clivey, not a dry eye in the house. Lovely version, nice one.:thumb:

Hi Saxplorer, you are doing great. Just keep up the good work. :) .... and by the way, those oops moments are never going to go away, so you better prepare to live with them :)

Clivey, that's wonderful.
With my computer still limping along (just) I've not been able to participate in this thread as of yet, but I was just listening to Ade's excellent version when I realised I've played that tune before... and that version... and might have already recorded it...

It took over 5 minutes for Logic to boot up, something to do with indexing plugins, but I was eventually able to find a recording I did on 24th January 2011. I can't remember why I chose to record this particular tune, and I seem to have done two takes, although it looks like I only used the first one. There is a bit of long and short reverb on the sax and some mild compression.

I'd like to think I could do better now... I'm trying to be more expressive at the moment with more dynamics and generally trying to play in a more lyrical way if appropriate.

Anyway, here goes...

God Bless The Child

All the best,


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