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2012/04 - Imagine


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Thanks for the comments!

@Clivey: I have a big external monitor :3 Iit was more of a £££ decision, I would prefer Cubase actually for vst expression (and maybe Studio One), but logic was just priced too good, especially with the sample library it comes with.


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Grrrr. Yerp. I made the very common mistake of not backing up to multiple sites so that particular website shows tracks but does not appear to hold the content. It's a hard lesson to learn if you value your output even solely for nostalgic reasons.
That BOTM was from only 8 years ago. Makes you wonder where all the stuff floating around on Drives will eventually end up. Perhaps tape, vinyl and even CD's have been the answer all along. The minute the physical copy leaves ones mitt, the minute you actually lose your stuff. I suppose.
Good luck with learning this class number.
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