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2012/04 - Imagine


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Seems that being first to attempt the March tune, I have the job of choosing one for April.
I didn't really know what to choose so decided upon a tune I enjoyed playing along to when I first started learning and still enjoy playing along to.
So imagine by John Lennon ... and hope everyone has fun with it.
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Cheers Andy, if anyone is stuck for a backing track just PM me..

Oooh this song sounds nice! Can't wait. Thanks Andy!
Well it looks like I`m in first again. I`ve tried out on Sop this month and I am not too pleased, but the only other option would be to give it some hardcore practice on my tone until the end of the month and try then. I still need to re-do last months tune but my Conn is leaking again "due to the ambient heat variations I think".

Meanwhile if anyone wants my Option of next months choice feel free to PM me as I would "Waive Privilege" if asked No Probs.

The song is at the top of "MySpace link as normal:thumb:
OK, I give in ..... how do I find the sound clip? I bet it's really obvious!!

Dave Mac
Thanks Trimmy,
doh!! I should have known to look for AndyG's sound clip on Clivey's website. ...... or did I read it all wrong??? (Wouldn't be the first time - today). Lovely sound!! Worth the wait, thanks.

A thoroughly enjoyable listen; many thanks Clivey. I can't see why you are so critical of your tone, it sounds fine to me even though I have mislaid my ear-trumpet.

Thanks again.
The Sop made a very nice change Clivey. Glad you posted early..

Hey good attempt Chris....I know you're just starting out.
Ya need to tighten up the rhythm a tad but then again so do I!
Hi Guys,

I just admire you guys for uploading your interpretation and yes it was nice to hear the soprano (beautifull tone and 'feel') and Chris if your a beginner your doing bloody fine in my book!

Just out of interest exactly how are you recording and uploading. I am working up the balls to join in!!!!
Mike thanks for the comments..

Rikki, thanks for having a listen and the comments also.. As for recording, a lot of the guys use " Audacity" software.. It's free..
You will need some sort of interface between mic and PC. Also a mic, anything from a simple clip on mic to expensive " Ribbon " mics.. It all depends on what you want to achieve and how much you want to spend. Software up from the one I mentioned would be " Reaper" less than £50 for the single license.. As for backing tracks, well for theses ballads we are doing I can normally sort out an mp3 that you can put into your recording software and play along with..

I think a webcam mic might work ok, as would a zoom H2 or H4.. Some others will probably chip in with ideas as well.

nice one clivey and cris
Yeh Rikki the more the merrier
I will hopefully post mine later in the month I want to try a different mic this time.
Good luck and dont hesitate to ask questions here all the guys and gals are really helpfull
Well here is my go.. on Alto with a wee bit of tenor.... ;}
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Nice contrast between the two sax's Adrian, well done..:thumb:
Clive I really like your soprano version, for some reason I think it reminds me of the 50's it could be the way you use vibrato. Well done mate.

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