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2012/02 - End of the World


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Re: A Ballad a Month

A great effort, but you really should put a little bit more work on the tempo/beat so you are in sync with the backing track.


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Re: A Ballad a Month

+1 to what Rune said, But Mark it's all about taking part. Big:thumb:'s for trying. Chris..


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Re: A Ballad a Month

I think that is what matters. I know my efforts are rubbish by comparison to most but actually I don't mind too much. Now that I have decided to inflict pain on the community I will keep going. After all nobody has to listen unless they really want to and at least I have a place to return to and check progress or lack of it...

I do think the BOTM concept is absolutely brilliant and more of us 'amateurs' should take advantage of the chance to try. It is not only about the feedback but the opportunity to test ourselves against real music. I may be wrong but I certainly'feel' it is helping my progress.


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Re: A Ballad a Month

I love this song, and so was quite nervous about having a go, as I really can't hide behind jazz licks, the melody has to be "sung" on the saxophone.

It's about the 4th tune down on this page:

PPT Mouthpieces

I need to have another go, a few tuning issues here and there.
Hi Pete,

Any chance you could repost this one?

Thanks, Chris
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