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For Sale 2 x King Sax for sale 1 Alto & 1 Tenor

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A friend of mine recently passed away and has left these two Saxophones behind which her husband would like to sell. They were both purchased by her in the last few years and were both fully serviced. The tenor was found in a shop in Czechoslovakia by her husband who brought it back as a present. Not really sure what they are worth but I think they both owe them close to £1000 each. Anyway, I said I’d post here to ask what they are worth but thought I may as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone and post them for sale for him at the same time.
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Headwind has a brass tenor for sale with slight damage to plastic guard, they’re asking £950. Note that this is the shop price, serviced with 6 months guarantee. There’s also one on ebay with metal guards with an asking price of £1100. Both are tenors and the guards on these are on the alto.

These are nice looking horns and to me £1000 for the tenor, assuming it is in very good condition, is probably at the top end but maybe just about worth it, expect a lower offer, the alto I would be thinking a bit less, maybe £850. The glamorous metal wings are replacements but how that affects the value is anybody’s guess. These prices assume horns in excellent playing order. Sold through a shop you should expect half that.

These are just my opinions, I have no special insight but those are prices I might pay.

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