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2 altos for sale


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi All,

I am offering two alto saxes for sale. The first is an Arbiter pro sound Jazz 2 model alto. It's in good cosmetic condition with engraving on the bell, body & neck and a nice honey gold lacquer. Plays ok and has a minor un noticeable dent in the bottom that doesn't affect it's sound. I have just purchased a new case for it and it will come with m/p and reeds. Nice instrument so £250 and I can post for £12 to mainland UK

The second sax is an unbranded Chinese horn in a vintage/antique finish. Yes, it's chinese and isn't perfect but it looks good and plays ok. It would be good for someone starting out and is sturdy enough. The tone is pretty good
£150 and £12 post
Will come with case, m/p and reeds etc.

PM if you are interested and I can arrange some photos to view - as normal 5% donation from each sale if thru here

Thanks for looking :)
hi All, got really messed about on eBay today and grumpy! I'm willing to sell my unbranded antique finish sax for £100 + £15 postage. It looks good and plays well. Stick a better m/p on it and it will improve it no end. Perfect if you want to add to a collection or buy as a gift for someone starting out. £100 you can't argue & I'll ensure it's got everything included to start out etc.
Also - the Arbiter Jazz alto is still for sale. Can't really let this go for less than £225 as it's a super sounding sax for the money and looks great. It has a bright & edgy tone.
Basically, help! lol, someone out there must want my saxes :)

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