05/2014.....Ballad of the Sad Young Men


One day i will...
Liverpool ( Pool of Life )
The baton has been passed over to me for the month of May (yikes) :w00t:
My first task is to thank Alun for the fabulous job he has done with April's BoTM.... 'Tenderly' well done Alun :clapping:

Now i chose this tune because it is one of my favourites and Art Pepper does a superb version of which has already been posted by me in here
Art Pepper (my favourite tune)

My posting the above clip inspired Jamesmac to post his version in 'Yoursoundclips' and its a great version too :thumb:, But it left me with the dilemma of whether to choose this tune for BoTM after a very short thought, i said "why not it's a great tune and it would be good to hear different takes on it" so i hope it inspires others to upload their versions.

So this months BoTM will be... 'Ballad of the Sad Young Men'

A few versions to compare...
This is my favourite vocal version
Another great vocal

You have heard Art Pepper on alto now a treat for you tenor players

Anyhow back to business, Chris has provided the dots & backing track(s) what would we do without him :clapping:

Chris would you please add them to this post (thicko here is well erm 'thick') and struggling to upload them from my laptop :doh:
I hope you like the choice for May and hope that members contribute to this month as in previous months, i've also promised Chris i will do a version myself :eek: (feeling sick already)

All the pdf's and backing tracks can be found here

"Ballad of the Sad Young Men"



Edit "All links fixed and Pdf's and Mp3's added"

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Lovely choice, looking forward to your version :)

Hi Trimmy

Thanks for the thanks, hope your month goes well with this lovely tune. I sort of knew this was coming so yesterday I uploaded it to Soundcloud. Much to my surprise when I went to collect the link to post here it had already been hit 13 times with one like! So to start you off here it is.

That's it Col. Look forward to your vocal, there are a few male vocals on the tube.
I hadn't heard of the version by David Sanborn which is on his Closer album, until Alun pointed it in my direction.
Great version and also shows how a sad ballad can be lifted....a bit
Sorry i can't find a version to upload :( but you can find it to listen on tinternet.
Lovely version Rhys :thumb: not heard that one before :)
Can just here Col's deep voice on this tune
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