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  1. Veggie Dave

    Needle Springs - What Size

    Having successfully fixed a reasonably simple but important problem on my Modele 26 alto, I thought 'I'll tweak that spring just one more time to make it absolutely perfect.' Of course, you know what happened next. I've found a supplier, thanks to the list in the back of Stephen's manual, but...
  2. C

    D# key vibrates when playing Middle D Plz Help

    Hi, Plz Reply I bought a cannonball alto sax and i had it for a while and the spring holding the D# key popped out of its notch and vibrated for a while when i played Middle D. then if fixed it by putting it back. then last friday, i had a football game and I'm in the marching...
  3. S

    [Solved] Mechanical Damage to Tenor Sax Octave Key, Missing Screw, Hinge Rod Loose

    Hi Guys, I've found some pretty serious damage on my tenor sax. I'm wondering if you guys know how I can fix it myself, or at least give me an indication of how the damage occurred/how much it'll cost to fix. I've had my Trevor James Classic II tenor sax for five months now. I'd like to think...
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