1. saxyjt

    Time for pads to settle in

    I've just done a couple of repads, one on alto and the other on tenor. After setting the pads with shellac I have set the relevant screws to ensure the linked pads closed properly and replaced/trimmed various pieces of cork and/or felt to bring everything into place. I play tested, fine tuned...
  2. DavidUK

    Shellac or Hot Glue for pads?

    I have always steered clear of pad replacement but now feel I'm up for swapping a few pads on a "test bench" horn I have. Dawkes today said to use a Shellac stick as this is the best way, although they do also sell rubber (hot) glue sticks for pad replacement: Rubber Glue I already have a hot...
  3. Chris J

    Question for vegan repairers and players regarding shellac

    Just a random thought that entered my head today. If you are a repairer who is vegan, do you not use shellac? If you are a player who is vegan, do you ask your repairer not to use shellac? If you were a repairer and your customer said (or you knew them well enough to know) they were vegan...
  4. Pan Am Tenor

    Coating a sax

    I have an old horn I'm just looking to take me to the next stage until I prove myself worthy to buy something more expensive. It plays fine but there are some areas of tarnish and redness. Does anyone recommend spot coating areas of oxidation to prevent spread? How about more advanced red...
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