1. J

    hello im south korea saxophonist

    Hi, I am a musician in Korea. This is a beach in Korea. I've played my favorite hymn. It is summer here. It is very hot. How about your country? View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlbKQ5qxmo0
  2. saxyjt

    One mile

    Next week I'm visiting a customer. Nothing to be excited about, except that they are just one mile from the Selmer factory... And 200 meters from Buffet Crampon! Fortunately, I will NOT have time to visit either of them. Unless... :w00t:
  3. Veggie Dave

    Fixing Flat C#

    Yeah, I know middle C# is always a little flat but on my Selmer Modele 26 it's more than a little flat - it's painfully flat. And, of course, the alto's used mostly playing with guitars so that C# is used all the time. Playing side C brings it up to pitch but some of the riffs are pretty quick...
  4. Mr. Sax

    Saxophones I just bought a Selmer AS500. Is a Selmer AS400 better or worse?

    Hello, so I just bough a Selmer AS500 as my first sax. The one recommended by my band teacher was the AS400. So is the AS400 better than the AS500?
  5. E

    SOLD Selmer Soloist c** (tenor) and D'addario select Jazz D6 (Alto) Mouthpieces for sale

    thumbnail_Img_190307211214365-1.jpg Open to offers or swap for a metal tenor mouthpiece. Both been used with a protector but i used a metal lig with the D'addarrio so it has some marks on the main body. Both play well
  6. T

    SOLD Vintage Tenor, alto, and soprano, and baritone mouthpieces for sale (otto Link, Brilhart, Vandoren, Selmer)

    Doing a sale of a lot of great vintage pieces! 5% of the sales goes to the forum! Shipping is £3.50 within the UK and £15 within Europe. Shipped from London. Here's what I have: Tenor 1. Otto Link Early Babbitt STM 9: Great MPC with lots of power. wonderful condition with only minor lacquer...
  7. M

    Saxophones Henri Selmer Saxophone

    Hello, I'm just wondering whether anyone can help? I spotted a Henri Selmer Saxophone for Sale. It is a Series II Super Action 80. I am wondering whether this is real or a fake? Can anyone shed any light on this for me? On the Bell is doesn't have the R logo stamped above Made in France...
  8. S

    Saxophones Fake Selmer SA80 Series 2 Alto's on Ebay

    There's seems to be a flood of fake Selmer's on Ebay/EvilBay/FleaBay at the moment. This is an example. France Henri Selmer E Flat Sax Alto Musical Alto 802 Professional Saxophone UPS | eBay.... All priced around £300 with the same item photos and seem to be sourced from China. I've used the...
  9. D

    Stolen Selmer Saxophone in San Francisco

    I joined this site so I could post this for a friend whose Sax was stolen from his car parked in the Castro district of San Francisco, CA on the evening of Monday June 19 around 10:45 PM. Please contact me if anyone has any advice or info on how or where it is best to list it. Needless to say...
  10. Veggie Dave

    Saxophones Selmer Modele 26 Alto

    I've just seen a Modele 26 alto going for £500. The action feels solid and the pads look in decent condition (I haven't had chance to play it yet) although the lacquer has seen better days (as you'd expect). I can't find much info on their value, apart from some stupidly expensive ones in the...
  11. PNut

    Reeds Selmer 8805 Reed Case

    Any one have one of these? Maybe I should just leave the reeds in the plastic holder it came with? Selmer 8805 Reed Case for Tenor Sax - The Best Way To Store Reeds - Product Review - Reed My Sax
  12. Ivan

    Saxophones Selmer I.D.

    I like it when the experts amongst you identify oldster saxes. I don't have sufficient drive to research the topic myself I dunno if this is a rarity: SELMER TENOR | in Golcar, West Yorkshire | Gumtree Wot model is if?
  13. bluebossa

    Saxophones Just bought a Selmer Bundy MkII

    Just bought a Selmer Bundy MkII Tenor - used and as yet not in my hands... Anyone shed any light on how good they are, I read that all Selmer Bundys were pretty OK, so thought it would get me started, I'm an Intermediate level player, can hold a tune to a backing and play Piano. Few questions...
  14. bluebossa

    Dubai based Tenor player returning to Sax

    Howdy all, I've played Sax since a teenager, I'm no in my 50's and have played on and off ever since. I recently moved from the UK to Dubai, when I am now working and before doing so, cleared out my Yamaha Tenor and my Alto... I've decided though that Dubai could do with a Sax player and so...
  15. DavidUK

    Saxophones Another "Guess The"... thread

    Which model this time... It's a Selmer.
  16. DavidUK

    Saxophones Odd looking Selmer neck - what's the story here?

    :confused: Sax looks like a Selmer 26 or Super Series (?), but what's all the gubbins on the neck?... Anyone? Is it some mythical beast?
  17. B

    Dribbly mouthpiece

    Hello, I wonder if I could please ask for some advice on an unusual mouthpiece problem I have been having? I have a Selmer classic metal alto mouthpiece (F tip opening) that plays nicely and sounds good too, the problem is that it continually dribbles. The dribble appears to originate from...
  18. Mikey B

    1968 Selmer MKVI Alto Neck Screw

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if any of you know the correct thread size for the above sax? It's like 4mm but a little coarser than the 0.7 pitch? Thanks, Mike
  19. Colin1

    Saxophones Selmer Mk VI

    Why would you go to the trouble of removing a re-lac? The two-tone effect created by the still-lac'd tube bands aren't a good look (for me), he should have de-lac'd the whole thing Rare Early Selmer Mark VI 1954/55 Tenor saxophone M59XXX overhauled
  20. jazzdoh

    Saxophones Anyone fancy a vintage Selmer

    Forgot to mention,it might need to go to a tech. BTW not mine. VINTAGE HENRY SELMER BRASS SAXOPHONE FOR SPARES
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