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  1. AndyWhiteford

    Saxophones Tasty cache of Selmer, King, Conn, et. al. saxes at UK auction

    I wouldn't normally mention a sax or two for sale, but there's sale in Newcastle, UK coming up with a fine collection of vintage & original instruments. take a look:*&clientID=Anderson%20%26%20Garland%20Ltd.%20Newcastle I've...
  2. J

    hello im south korea saxophonist

    Hi, I am a musician in Korea. This is a beach in Korea. I've played my favorite hymn. It is summer here. It is very hot. How about your country? View:
  3. saxyjt

    One mile

    Next week I'm visiting a customer. Nothing to be excited about, except that they are just one mile from the Selmer factory... And 200 meters from Buffet Crampon! Fortunately, I will NOT have time to visit either of them. Unless... :w00t:
  4. Veggie Dave

    Fixing Flat C#

    Yeah, I know middle C# is always a little flat but on my Selmer Modele 26 it's more than a little flat - it's painfully flat. And, of course, the alto's used mostly playing with guitars so that C# is used all the time. Playing side C brings it up to pitch but some of the riffs are pretty quick...
  5. Mr. Sax

    Saxophones I just bought a Selmer AS500. Is a Selmer AS400 better or worse?

    Hello, so I just bough a Selmer AS500 as my first sax. The one recommended by my band teacher was the AS400. So is the AS400 better than the AS500?
  6. E

    SOLD Selmer Soloist c** (tenor) and D'addario select Jazz D6 (Alto) Mouthpieces for sale

    thumbnail_Img_190307211214365-1.jpg Open to offers or swap for a metal tenor mouthpiece. Both been used with a protector but i used a metal lig with the D'addarrio so it has some marks on the main body. Both play well
  7. T

    SOLD Vintage Tenor, alto, and soprano, and baritone mouthpieces for sale (otto Link, Brilhart, Vandoren, Selmer)

    Doing a sale of a lot of great vintage pieces! 5% of the sales goes to the forum! Shipping is £3.50 within the UK and £15 within Europe. Shipped from London. Here's what I have: Tenor 1. Otto Link Early Babbitt STM 9: Great MPC with lots of power. wonderful condition with only minor lacquer...
  8. M

    Saxophones Henri Selmer Saxophone

    Hello, I'm just wondering whether anyone can help? I spotted a Henri Selmer Saxophone for Sale. It is a Series II Super Action 80. I am wondering whether this is real or a fake? Can anyone shed any light on this for me? On the Bell is doesn't have the R logo stamped above Made in France...
  9. S

    Saxophones Fake Selmer SA80 Series 2 Alto's on Ebay

    There's seems to be a flood of fake Selmer's on Ebay/EvilBay/FleaBay at the moment. This is an example. France Henri Selmer E Flat Sax Alto Musical Alto 802 Professional Saxophone UPS | eBay.... All priced around £300 with the same item photos and seem to be sourced from China. I've used the...
  10. Veggie Dave

    Saxophones Selmer Modele 26 Alto

    I've just seen a Modele 26 alto going for £500. The action feels solid and the pads look in decent condition (I haven't had chance to play it yet) although the lacquer has seen better days (as you'd expect). I can't find much info on their value, apart from some stupidly expensive ones in the...
  11. PNut

    Reeds Selmer 8805 Reed Case

    Any one have one of these? Maybe I should just leave the reeds in the plastic holder it came with? Selmer 8805 Reed Case for Tenor Sax - The Best Way To Store Reeds - Product Review - Reed My Sax
  12. Ivan

    Saxophones Selmer I.D.

    I like it when the experts amongst you identify oldster saxes. I don't have sufficient drive to research the topic myself I dunno if this is a rarity: SELMER TENOR | in Golcar, West Yorkshire | Gumtree Wot model is if?
  13. bluebossa

    Saxophones Just bought a Selmer Bundy MkII

    Just bought a Selmer Bundy MkII Tenor - used and as yet not in my hands... Anyone shed any light on how good they are, I read that all Selmer Bundys were pretty OK, so thought it would get me started, I'm an Intermediate level player, can hold a tune to a backing and play Piano. Few questions...
  14. bluebossa

    Dubai based Tenor player returning to Sax

    Howdy all, I've played Sax since a teenager, I'm no in my 50's and have played on and off ever since. I recently moved from the UK to Dubai, when I am now working and before doing so, cleared out my Yamaha Tenor and my Alto... I've decided though that Dubai could do with a Sax player and so...
  15. DavidUK

    Saxophones Another "Guess The"... thread

    Which model this time... It's a Selmer.
  16. DavidUK

    Saxophones Odd looking Selmer neck - what's the story here?

    :confused: Sax looks like a Selmer 26 or Super Series (?), but what's all the gubbins on the neck?... Anyone? Is it some mythical beast?
  17. B

    Dribbly mouthpiece

    Hello, I wonder if I could please ask for some advice on an unusual mouthpiece problem I have been having? I have a Selmer classic metal alto mouthpiece (F tip opening) that plays nicely and sounds good too, the problem is that it continually dribbles. The dribble appears to originate from...
  18. Mikey B

    1968 Selmer MKVI Alto Neck Screw

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if any of you know the correct thread size for the above sax? It's like 4mm but a little coarser than the 0.7 pitch? Thanks, Mike
  19. Colin1

    Saxophones Selmer Mk VI

    Why would you go to the trouble of removing a re-lac? The two-tone effect created by the still-lac'd tube bands aren't a good look (for me), he should have de-lac'd the whole thing Rare Early Selmer Mark VI 1954/55 Tenor saxophone M59XXX overhauled
  20. jazzdoh

    Saxophones Anyone fancy a vintage Selmer

    Forgot to mention,it might need to go to a tech. BTW not mine. VINTAGE HENRY SELMER BRASS SAXOPHONE FOR SPARES
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