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ppt tenor

  1. E

    "Why do you need a new mouthpiece?"

    ... that's what her ladyship (Mrs Martillo) is going to say. And now I am wondering how to explain it. I can imagine the following conversation: "Yes, I have ordered a bright, shiny new PPT 8* tenor mouthpiece. No it won't make me play any better. " Sounds a bit weak doesn't it? Any tips?
  2. E

    M/Pieces - Ligs What Ligature do you USE with a PPT Metal Tenor Mouthpiece?

    At the risk of being thrown into the briar patch, I just have to ask... I have just ordered a metal PPT 8* tenor mouthpiece and I suspect that I will need a new ligature for it. (I have ligs for fat ebonite pieces). I know that there are ligature and PPT threads on this forum but I never know...
  3. ProfJames

    SOLD PPT onyxite 7* mpc

    PPT tenor Onyxite 7* W mouthpiece. As new in box and plastic. I have this piece about ten times with a patch I have too many mpcs and have decided to concentrate on my Saxscape and Yani 6
  4. kevgermany

    M/Pieces - Ligs Mouthpiece comparison.

    I thought I'd play around with mouthpieces this afternoon on the tenor. First on was the Selmer England. Narrow tip, so I tried it with a hard reed, a Rico Select Jazz 4m. Was a little hard, but played top to bottom. Sound was dark, moody, not a lot of punch. No edge. Switched to a 3m. Played...
  5. MMM

    FOUND PPT Tenor 8* Onyxite or HR

    looking for a PPT Tenor in HR or Onyxite 8*. Can offer some other pieces in full (yay!) or part trade or outright purchase. If interested I can provide a list. I will pay 5% of the sale value as donation to the forum (even if traded!). Thank you, M.
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