1. SopranoSimon

    New Reeds

    Hi, do you need to soak a new wooden reed in water for a few minutes before using it, as ive tried a new reed and the high notes dont come out at all.. how wet does a new reed need to be to play well? Thanks
  2. grosskopf

    TaiChi & Music

    Hey there, I've been away for too long! But I haven'T been lazy. Just did lots of practising, teaching, mixing the songs of my next release and composing new songs for my new trio! Plus I did a little 2-part blogseries on "TaiChi & Music". Maybe you're intersting reading about how I used the...
  3. kevgermany

    Other Top Tips

    I was chatting to @AlanU yesterday over an excellent coffee and a Yanagisawa Sop mouthpiece. Amongst many varied and interesting subjects was a suggestion from him - somewhere to post useful tips that often aren't passed on. So here it is: Please keep this thread on topic with sax related...
  4. SopranoSimon

    Beginner dry reed affecting play?

    hi, i have a really good saxophone with no leaks, but im finding it hard to get the low notes out smoothly without them sounding loud and forced, sometimes dont come out first blow during a song. Is this purely because my reed is always quite dry when playing? does a WET reed help playing alot?
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