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  1. P

    Saxophones Ungrade mouthpiece?

    Im new to the sax and have been progressing well. I'm using an unbranded mouthpiece and am wondering if a cheap upgrade such as the yamaha 5c is going to be a worthy addition to my setup. I struggle at the moment with tounging as my toungue tends to almost stall the sound as im sure im...
  2. nigeld

    Wanted Wanted - Morgan Classical 3C or 5C alto mouthpiece

    I just got a Morgan 3C classical mouthpiece for my tenor sax, and it is very nice. So I am keen to try an alto one. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone has a Morgan 3C or a 5C classical alto mouthpiece sitting unloved in their mouthpiece collection then I would be interested in buying it.
  3. Ne0Wolf7

    M/Pieces - Ligs New peice won't play in tune

    Hiya, I just got a new tenor sax mouthpeice for christmas, a Meyer G6, and I really like the sound I make with it. However, when I played a song I'm familliar with it, sounded a bit off. I took to the tuner and low and behold I was an entire half step sharp. I did the obvious (pulling out) but...
  4. Karolis

    M/Pieces - Ligs Jody Jazz HR 10* try out

    I recently bought Jody Jazz HR 10* from dooce here in cafe. Here is my first try out: View: Lots of air needed. But does make a lovely sound!
  5. Woland

    Beginner Did I just ruin my mpc?

    Well it was bound to happen - after perfect practice session I dropped my mpc. Don't ask me how but it flew few feet and landed on concrete. Seems like it got chipped on the corner where tip and side rail join. Small chipping but visible with naked eye (see pic). Is it ruined? It is not a big...
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