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mouth piece

  1. nigeld

    Never sell a mouthpiece!

    I have an embarrassingly large number of mouthpieces, so I have been planning to sell some of them. But today I tried one of the ones marked for sale and it's great! If it sounds as good tomorrow then I will use it as my normal tenor jazz mouthpiece. I think what has happened is that my taste...
  2. S

    M/Pieces - Ligs Metal v Hard Rubber quiz

    The title says it all. Here is a link to Steve Neff playing the same tunes on metal and hard rubber Theo Wayne Ghia 3 mouthpieces.
  3. C

    M/Pieces - Ligs Metal Alto Mouthpieces

    Soooo, I'm searchin for an inexpensive metal Alto mouthpiece. I play a Selmer AS400 in a jazz band and my advc highschool concert band, I found things like Ammoon, andoer, east rock, and paititi on like Amazon. Buttttttt I'm not wanting to get one that doesn't have the greatest reviews. I wasn't...
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