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  1. fabriziodalisera

    New video live in studio "Wobblin around" - new album "Trisonic" out now - conn12m

    Hi, this is "wobblin around" the second video live in studio from my new album "Trisonic". The group is a trio with Pietro Ciancaglini on bass, Andrea Nunzi on drums and me on baritone saxophone. The time shuffles between 7/4 and 3/4, it wobbles... hence the title. I am very grateful to Greg...
  2. fabriziodalisera

    Confirmation on conn 12M baritone saxophone

    Hi, the more I play my 12M the more I love it! This is me playing this classic by Charlie Parker with just bari saxophone and a metronome on 2 and 4. Hope you enjoy it! Bye, Fabrizio View:
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