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  1. MandyH

    Altissimo A....alto sax

    Hi all, I need to play an altissimo A to end a piece for my diploma - SaxoRhapsody, Eric Coates. I had a look on here: for fingering suggestions, and there seems to be about 15! Do I just try them all until something turns up? Is there any special...
  2. S

    Altissimo A?

    Hello you saxy people! I am curious as to how you fellow saxophonists achieved the altissimo A? My tutor said I should extend my jaw, use lots of air and blow that air upwards. Any other tips to achieve this note? Thanks, B
  3. ken24

    Beginner Altissimo

    As I am still a month into the journey, when is the right time to learn altissimo? Do I need to have a special setup in order for me to reach them? I hear a lot of people say that you have to have the right mp to reach those notes.
  4. Nick Wyver


    ...the realm of Satan or just normal stuff? Do you use them or just wish you could be bothered to practise them? For me they're just part of the range of the sax. They require more practice but that's all. Don't forget the 1st octave of altissimo on bari is only the same as the top octave on alto.
  5. BrianJoeSandy

    What note is this?

    You get high E by playing G and high F key. Then F by taking off the G finger. Now take off the A finger. What do you get? I guess it is in the next octave. Seems very high. Tried to upload but mp3 uploads not allowed.
  6. Der Wikinger

    Playing the Altissimo Range on Tenor Sax

    I currently use Otto Link 6* and Rico 2 1/2 reed. great tone. Can play up to F above the staff in tune and with ease (the third octave F). However, I would like to go higher. I have a book to help me. My mentor thinks perhaps a different mouthpiece and reed might get me there. Any suggestions?
  7. Moz

    Altissimo, finally

    Tonight, I hit my first, real, all-singing, all-dancing altissimo note. Disappointingly it was a note that can be acquired using normal fingerings but nevertheless it sounded damned good. I went from high G, to A then to C and finally back to G whereupon the note D sounded long and hard. A...
  8. Martin

    Altissimo G#

    I just found a fingering for altissimo G# which works really well for me, especially if coming from altissimo F#. OK...I play the F# using register key (obviously), left hand first finger on the 'aux F' key, left hand second finger on the 'A key', right hand first finger on the 'F key' and...
  9. Keep Blowing


    @altissimo Are you about, tried to message you but you cannot receive messages, appears you've exceeded your quota
  10. S

    Altissimo Help

    Okay guys, I have been playing saxophone for quite a while and have played altissimo on numbers occasions. I have always had a good bit of trouble with getting G#6-B6. Just that particular group of notes. Does anyone have any suggestions or fingerings that they have found helpful?
  11. I

    Altissimo fingerings

    By using the palm keys on my soprano sax I can get the altissimo E, F & F# notes. However, when I try to get any of those notes using the simpler fingerings all I get is a muffled sound with an indiscernible pitch!? E.g. to get altissimo E using the alternative simpler fingerings, I press the...
  12. allansto

    altissimo F#

    hi everyone I would like any help at all with my altissimo F# So I`m playing men at work . who can it be now , main sax riff. I need to play D# A# B F# B A#. I can do it . That's not the problem . So the fingering is to jump from the B then hold down top F ,B ,A keys (left hand ) and F# key...
  13. allansto

    Altissimo and mp

    Hello everyone I haven't been on here for ages but I finally have a question that I need some help with. I am trying to play my altissimo notes and stumbled onto something that prompted this question. I was playing tenor with my jody jazz hr 6. I have another mp on my c melody which is also a...
  14. Tommy Ng

    Beginner Embouchure for altissimo

    Hi all, I am learning altissimo now (G and A) and found that I need to bite the mpc pretty hard and alter my usual mouth cavity shape a bit to get it. Do i do it wrong? :confused: cheers tommy
  15. J

    Altissimo Bb

    Hi - I am using Pete's fingering for altissimo Bb on tenor but it's a bit hit and miss. I can usually hit it if I give the note a 'kick' by hitting the easier A first and then quickly removing the top and bottom fingers to get the Bb ? Does anyone else do this too - or am i cheating ...
  16. C

    Trouble with altissimo.

    Hello there folk's, I'm having a bit of trouble when i play the high notes. They sometimes work ,other times just squeak's, plus a blister on the inside of my bottom lip. I'm using a Java no 2 at the moment, maybe a 2.5 might be better. Any suggestion's from you guy's...
  17. Bernie

    Do you actually play the altissimo notes on alto?

    When I played tenor sax I felt the need for a few altissimo notes, but the high "normal" notes on alto seem high enough for me. Obviously if you play classical music you might have to play up there, but I'm wondering if many jazz and "rock" players use those notes at all on alto. Just curious.
  18. J

    Altissimo finger

    I've got a passage with A (1st ledger line), G, A, F (3rd ledger line), E(3rd ledger line), D (2nd ledger line), C (2nd ledger line), Bb, and I can't for the life of my get my fingers to play the sequence smoothly. It is Fairly straightforward and I just need to practise it? Is it a pig, but I...
  19. K

    Tone developing altissimo question?

    hi everyone, i have a question about developing overtones & altissimo. I play on a meyer 7m with rico royal 4 reeds & can only reach octave left hand Bb when doing overtones. I am able to play this setup with ease. However, is it recommended that i use a very closed mouthpiece to go higher in...
  20. half diminished

    Altissimo G - help please.

    Happily transcribing Miles' solo off So What when I suddenly need to hit Altissimo G. I know its a difficult one but any suggestions otherwise I'm gonna have to drop an octave which will be a shame. I just cannot do it. :(
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