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  1. Micky sax

    Sax beginner

    Hi everyone, i am just a beginner what are the things i need to know. please be of help.
  2. Taming The Saxophone

    Beginners Downloads PDFs and Playalongs

    Free when you order two or more books/DVD / Half price with 1 A collection of tutorials and resources for beginners 12 Step Scale charts PDF - 13 pages Practising Pentatonics & Blues PDF - 20 pages Scales & Chords for Beginners PDF- 51 pages Chord & Scale Reference charts PDF 58 pages Scales...
  3. Taming The Saxophone

    Beginners Starter Pack Special

    Beginners Downloads - PDF & MP3 12 Step Scale charts PDF - 13 pages Practising Pentatonics & Blues PDF - 20 pages Scales & Chords for Beginners PDF- 51 pages Chord & Scale Reference charts PDF 58 pages Scales Appendix PDF - 13 pages Standards Playalongs (80 mp3 backing tracks) Add one book to...
  4. Taming The Saxophone

    Vol 2 Beginners Impro

    Includes download playalong mp3 and PDF sheet music Downloads will be available immediately on purchase, book will be posted (it's an actual book!) iPad! Please read Download FAQs The post Vol 2 Beginners Impro appeared first on Taming The Saxophone. Continue reading...
  5. Taming The Saxophone

    Tuition DVD for Beginners

    The full beginners course. Included are playalongs and sheet music for Eb alto, with Bb transpositions available via download PDF. Country compatibility: PAL all regions. The post Tuition DVD for Beginners appeared first on Taming The Saxophone. Continue reading...
  6. S

    Saxophones Beginners needs advice please about buying a good Sax ..... just that and that G4 M is still safe etc.... If I am eating alot of eggs to save money and I am also saving in heating bills cos flatulence is FREE ! so win win ! Hahahaha. Kind Wishes to all . p.s. I have a sense of humour cos it is v much needed when a beginner like me plays overtones .
  7. B

    Cafe Zoom Masterclass / Clinics

    May be good,so long as some beginner,intermediate stuff,why dollar pricing?Up the Wolves;).
  8. GCinCT

    Beginner Yamaha Yts 26 student tenor

    The horn is not out of tune, you are. It's not a piano, you can't tune a saxophone. You have to play it in tune. No beginner plays every note in tune. It takes practice.
  9. E

    Transcribing rhythm

    Hi JBT is that book ok for a beginner re rhythm..i.e. is it basic
  10. MMM

    Beginner Sax Trevor James Classic Vs Antigua as4240lq-ch

    The TJ Classic is a student/beginners model, the Antigua is an Intermediate model... if you can try both but going on write ups, assuming they are both in good working order and no issues, I would go for the Antigua.
  11. JamesOxford


    Good to see you on Lockdown Jams interview reprezentin' the saxes @Veggie Dave. As a late-starting, relative beginner, always interesting hearing other peoples' journeys.
  12. mizmar

    Beginner Sax New to sax - Odyssey

    Regarding plan A - knowing you can have the horn checked and working, locally and at no extra cost, for a year is, itself, valuable. It's quite hard for beginners to know if their struggles are them or the horn. This way you can be assured it's you (!).
  13. GCinCT

    Playing sax wef reeds lasting such a short time .,, 3-4 months. I only play 2 - 2.5 hours a day, but it is still strange that yours wear out so quickly. Do you bite regularly? This is pretty common for beginners. Also, 4 hours is a long time to practice, especially for a beginner. You may be wearing out your embouchure and that's why you bite.
  14. G

    Jazz vs Classical Embouchure

    Dr Wallace’s zero practices really helps me build up a good sound. It is worth trying by beginners
  15. Veggie Dave

    Online Saxophone Practice App

    I can't believe no-one's replied yet. This is a great little page/app for beginners learning notes and scales.
  16. S

    Playing sax wef reeds lasting such a short time .,,

    They are only strength 2 .Cos am beginner I started on 2 .I don t bite , that s why I really notice when I started to, squeezing out top notes etc..low notes pretty much not happening . 4 hrs is fine for me every day .I take short rest after each hr .meyer 5 cos net says is ok for beginner
  17. Wonko

    Beginner I get the feeling that I am starting to learn how to play music (not just notes)

    I have marked the thread as "beginner" because I think of myself as an experienced beginner. I started playing the saxophone almost 20 years ago, but have stopped playing twice for a couple of years. Now I have been playing again for about 4 years (and getting lessons at our local music...
  18. Greg Strange

    Beginner Alto or tenor

    If you are new to the saxophone maybe a fingering chart is a good starting point and there is plenty of other info for beginners on the "Taming The Saxophone"... Saxophone Fingering charts - the best and easiest to use Greg S.
  19. CafeSaxophone | International Sax Forum

    ...Maybe you are a teacher with some unique or exciting method or a you could be a world class touring and recording artist. Maybe you are a beginner with some frustrating experiences and solutions to share. Whatever, there is something here for you to teach and/or learn. CAFE QUICKLINKS ▼...
  20. Halfers

    Playing sax wef reeds lasting such a short time .,,

    I read it that the OP has 3 reeds in rotation! Maybe not. I'm excited to find out! Maybe, as a beginner playing 4 Hours a day, it's more a case of your embouchure conking out?
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