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  1. Micky sax

    Sax beginner

    Hi everyone, i am just a beginner what are the things i need to know. please be of help.
  2. Taming The Saxophone

    Beginners Starter Pack Special

    Beginners Downloads - PDF & MP3 12 Step Scale charts PDF - 13 pages Practising Pentatonics & Blues PDF - 20 pages Scales & Chords for Beginners PDF- 51 pages Chord & Scale Reference charts PDF 58 pages Scales Appendix PDF - 13 pages Standards Playalongs (80 mp3 backing tracks) Add one book to...
  3. Taming The Saxophone

    Beginners Downloads PDFs and Playalongs

    Free when you order two or more books/DVD / Half price with 1 A collection of tutorials and resources for beginners 12 Step Scale charts PDF - 13 pages Practising Pentatonics & Blues PDF - 20 pages Scales & Chords for Beginners PDF- 51 pages Chord & Scale Reference charts PDF 58 pages Scales...
  4. Taming The Saxophone

    Vol 2 Beginners Impro

    Includes download playalong mp3 and PDF sheet music Downloads will be available immediately on purchase, book will be posted (it's an actual book!) iPad! Please read Download FAQs The post Vol 2 Beginners Impro appeared first on Taming The Saxophone. Continue reading...
  5. Taming The Saxophone

    Tuition DVD for Beginners

    The full beginners course. Included are playalongs and sheet music for Eb alto, with Bb transpositions available via download PDF. Country compatibility: PAL all regions. The post Tuition DVD for Beginners appeared first on Taming The Saxophone. Continue reading...
  6. L

    Beginner Sax Good beginners Tenor

    I've been playing clarinet for the past two years and got my hands on a very cheap alto recently to see if I liked the idea of making ving on to a sax. Have always wanted a tenor, and feel confident enough to go for it. My local retailer recommends a buffet 100 or a john packer jp042. Am I...
  7. TBay

    Reeds Advice for beginner

    ...I am using a Juno 1.5 reed for no other reason than a couple of new ones came with the saxophone when I bought it. So my questions are: As a beginner, apart from the thickness number, is it worth trying different reeds? Assuming a yes to that, what thickness would you suggest? I have seen...
  8. GCinCT

    My first sax

    You sound very good for a beginner. I'm impressed!
  9. B

    Beginner Vibrato/High to low/Softer Playing

    Hello everyone, I'm a beginner and I have been practicing long tones quite a bit and other beginner things. When I play it seems like the notes are strong and solid basically duck sounds or honking sounds. I often hear other beginners where it seems like the notes(sound of the saxophone) comes...
  10. E

    Quiet Mouthpiece

    I play a pillinger bronzite 7* indoors. I can hit the highs and lows its quite dark but retains a sound i like... like others say I think its an art playing quietly but im only a beginner..
  11. bucksmusic

    Saxophones Now got a Tenor - but want to keep playing my alto

    Ha ha, told you I was a beginner - EMBOUCHURE - must get it right! Cheers
  12. Colin the Bear

    Flip Flop & Fly - A Little Rock n' Roll

    A G is a G no matter what you call it. ;) Much easier to talk in concert and let the transposers sort themselves out. Unless you're teaching beginners of course.
  13. L

    Tenor Beginner & Middle G Issues

    ...over a decade ago in high school jazz band. Beautiful horn, and I’ve been enjoying picking it back up. I had the challenges that all beginners have, namely playing anything below middle G without fluctuating in pitch. Embouchure modification helped tremendously. One issue I’m still having...
  14. T

    Reeds Synthetic vs Cane

    Being new to sax, what would you recommend for a beginner, synthetic or cane reeds.
  15. gladsaxisme

    Hello from the South West of England!

    Welcome aboard if you haven't been to the cafe shop already it might be a good place to start there are a few books for beginners with all the advice you might need
  16. Pete Thomas

    Clarinets Training clarinet???

    I imagine they mean student, although I'd classify the emperor as intermediate rather than beginner, if only because of the price.
  17. BigT

    Beginner Sax Mouthpiece Question

    ...cos that’s what was in the case. I found the inconsistency of the Reed really off putting so having read through all of Petes advice to beginners I decided to go for a synthetic Reed. Wow what a difference. Easy to install, robust and easy to care for. Now, I am a rank beginner so expect to...
  18. h4yn0nnym0u5e

    Phat Sax: Calambre

    @Ivan, @PMason247 - thanks for your kind comments! Painfully aware that it's easy for a beginner to mess up quite badly with mixing, so it's good to know that others think I'm not too wide of the mark...
  19. Elliot G.

    Serial Number missing - Olds

    I’ve heard good and bad things about Parisian Ambassadors. People say that they can be a good find for beginners. It was 95$ so I think putting a bit of love and care into it won’t hurt too much. I found people who have spare Parisian Ambassador parts. So I’ll probably be buying from them.
  20. sax panther

    Is it possible to grease the cork too much?

    When I was a beginner, I think on my 3rd ever clarinet lesson, I'd put so much cork grease on my bottom joint that the bell slipped off onto the floor while I was playing.
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