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  1. TBay

    Reeds Advice for beginner

    ...I am using a Juno 1.5 reed for no other reason than a couple of new ones came with the saxophone when I bought it. So my questions are: As a beginner, apart from the thickness number, is it worth trying different reeds? Assuming a yes to that, what thickness would you suggest? I have seen...
  2. L

    Tenor Beginner & Middle G Issues

    ...over a decade ago in high school jazz band. Beautiful horn, and I’ve been enjoying picking it back up. I had the challenges that all beginners have, namely playing anything below middle G without fluctuating in pitch. Embouchure modification helped tremendously. One issue I’m still having...
  3. I

    What should a beginner buy? recommendations for beginners

    Saxophone recommendations for beginners and low prices?
  4. K

    Beginner Issues

    Hi, I have just started to play the Alto Saxophone however when playing i'm getting lots of breath sound before I actually hear the note. Once I do hit the note it tends to cut off even though I still have breath to carry on with the note. Any advice on how I can fix these two issues would be...
  5. CliveMA

    new sax= harder to play?

    5J is not for beginners. Sirvalorsax has a video on the 5J for Tenor (.085 tip opening). Sirvalorsax likes and uses his on certain gigs so it is a good mouthpiece that you grow into over time. The Yamaha 4C would be a better beginner mouthpiece. View:
  6. S

    What should a beginner buy? Which beginner sax

    Here is my bit on which sax a beginner or returner should buy. For me it’s a secondhand student Yamaha. They are well made, good intonation, neutral flexible tone, rock solid lacquer and there are a lot around, so getting one secondhand with out lacquer damage, corrosion or body/neck dents is...
  7. E

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow 1/5/2020 #NhsStaysafe#

    did i miss it for a tenor... love the song great for a beginner
  8. J

    Hello from Florida

    hello, just joined from sunny/hot Florida USA. Im an adult (60+ yrs) beginner on alto sax.
  9. jazzdoh

    Saxophones The more $$$ the easier to play?

    I think its important for a beginner to have a setup horn, mouthpiece and reed that doesn't hold them back because fighting with a poor unregulated setup only adds to the difficulty. That said there are downsides for a beginner to having a top pro sax too early. 1, How is a beginner going to...
  10. Howsey

    Embossed "8" on body?

    As a beginner can anyone tell me what this "8" refers too?
  11. J


    I’m a beginner at sax and looking for ideas.
  12. B

    As a beginner, I find maintaining my embouchure very difficult. Airy sounds. Help

    As a beginner, I find maintaining my embouchure very difficult. I mastered major scales:- D, C, G & A pretty well but last week my tutor added F and B# major scales and it has been so hard. The sounds coming out are airy/breathless. I try relaxing my jaw, reducing my bite but nothing seems to be...
  13. S

    Brass Trumpets......

    Wrong context! :)
  14. s.mundi

    What should a beginner buy? Which beginner sax

    Does your opinion come from a student, technician, professional, hobbyist, enthusiast, or a beginner's perspective?
  15. L

    Armstrong alto sax 3006a

    So I bought this sax form a guy for 60 bucks but I've never herd of it before. I was curious if anyone knew how to tell how old it is and if it's a beginner or intermediate sax
  16. ajmiller

    Miles Davis and the diminished scale - vlog#23

    As an ex trumpeter and beginner sax player this was great and suited me fine. subscribed to your YT channel!
  17. thomsax

    Saxophones Saxes for beginners or comback players?

    ...Next in turn are two tenors. An "ultra cheap" gfourm (Yani copy) and a 1963 Dörfler & Jörka . Both are ok. I think gfourm is better for a beginner; good ergomoincs and a modern voice. Easier to move to another modern sax from a gfourm. The Dörfler & Jörka is a good sax as well. Body and bell...
  18. N

    New2saxtoo here

    New to the site, and a beginner, but interested in vintage saxes in particular, and for general discussion of equipment and technique.
  19. just saxes

    M/Pieces - Ligs Mouthpiece Size

    ...make/model in that marked sizing, but IMO anything much over .105 for a tenor (usually a 7* for most makes/models) is probably too big for a beginner. But for jazz, IMO, 7*/.105 is usually probably OK. My own first teacher started me (tenor) on a 7*. How much the beginner is going to...
  20. TBay

    Beginner Where 'should' it hurt?

    How long are you playing for? As a beginner I find 15-20 minutes of continuous play is enough to find my muscles beginning to tire. After a couple of months it’s improving but slowly.
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