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  1. I

    What should a beginner buy? recommendations for beginners

    Saxophone recommendations for beginners and low prices?
  2. thomsax

    Saxophones Saxes for beginners or comback players?

    ...Next in turn are two tenors. An "ultra cheap" gfourm (Yani copy) and a 1963 Dörfler & Jörka . Both are ok. I think gfourm is better for a beginner; good ergomoincs and a modern voice. Easier to move to another modern sax from a gfourm. The Dörfler & Jörka is a good sax as well. Body and bell...
  3. randulo

    Progress Report

    Eric Marienthal is the tenor making me sound like a beginner :)
  4. MikeMorrell

    Helli everyone not much of a sax player but i had been given o e as a gift. Not to sure much about it. It h

    Welcome to the cafe! I you haven't already, check out the TTS 'beginners' section.
  5. S

    Beginner Switching mouthpieces during practice

    This is an interesting question. I would encourage a beginner to stick with one mouthpiece. After that, go with the flow.
  6. ellinas

    What should a beginner buy? First sax: Yamaha YAS 280 or YAS 62III or Yanagisawa AW01?

    I think the best sax for a beginner, is a sax that has good quality, is in top playing form and a sax that is being played an awful lot :) all those 3 saxes are a beginner's dream.
  7. S

    Beginner Sax set up

    Especially if they are a beginner ...
  8. nigeld

    Saxophones First tenor

    I think that loud playing and harsh attacks are fairly normal for a beginner. Just keep practicing and things will get better.
  9. ellinas

    Saxophones Who knows about that tenor?

    Hello. The Paraschos saxes are chinese saxes. Nice beginner horns. They have nothing to do with the quality of their wooden necks.
  10. Solectia


    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie at this forum. My daughter is a beginner :)
  11. Br.Drasko

    Greetings from Serbia

    Hi, my name is Drasko. I am looking to buy my first sax but I am still unsure alto or tenor.... I personally prefer tenor sax but everybody say that alto is for beginners. And yes, I am beginner :)
  12. tenorviol

    Alternate C#

    I was originally introduced to it as a beginner because I initially found playing C# with no fingers down tricky... If I do use it I use R123
  13. S

    Beginner Just out of interest

    I'd say this is the more pertinent issue. As a beginner what you need is a decent sax in good working order, which you already have in the 10M, and had in the Hanson. By all means buy the Selmer if it'll make you happy. You can clearly afford it. This is not a problem most of us have!
  14. S

    What should a beginner buy? First sax: Yamaha YAS 280 or YAS 62III or Yanagisawa AW01?

    IMO all beginners should start on a either a generalist Yamaha 3C or the classical Van Doren optimum AL3 or TL3 (use Van Doren traditional reeds with the optimum, a couple of 1 1/2 and 2s will do to start).
  15. tenorviol

    Francesca has just joined. of the more forgiving instruments when it comes to learning. If you already read music, then you already have a big advantage over most beginners. I was 60 last weekend... but I started in my early 50s... I've struggled with finding time though. Now I am to all intents and purposes...
  16. Mr. Sax

    How much time should I at least practice my saxophone?

    How much time should I put into practicing my saxophone as a beginner?:confused2:
  17. D

    Clarinets Metal

    Never heard of it. Most stencil metal clarinets are beginner instruments and pretty awful but with it being a full boehm there's a chance it's something decent. Old Buffet serial numbers are in that format but but it can't be if it's made in the USA.
  18. tenorviol

    Hi, I'm John from Derby area

    Hi welcome Joining some sort of local group/band/orhestra is a good way to improve - there are groups aimed at beginners
  19. H

    Hello from America!

    Beginner saxophone player Yamaha yas200adII with a Rico 3.0 reed.
  20. Grassax

    Saxophone lessons on YouTube.

    Randy Hunter offer lessons beginner to advanced. Many clips on Youtube too.
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