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  1. I

    What should a beginner buy? recommendations for beginners

    Saxophone recommendations for beginners and low prices?
  2. Mr. Sax

    How much time should I at least practice my saxophone?

    How much time should I put into practicing my saxophone as a beginner?:confused2:
  3. Keep Blowing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    I think what you have written above is spot on, I think i have suggested this before but, Can this same thread be run simultaneously with the beginners recordings thread. Some members seem to be on the brink of posting something but just don't quite make it
  4. GoranG

    Hello from Croatia

    Hi, I am Goran, and I am completely beginner and proud owner of Yamaha 280.
  5. SheilaF

    Explanations For Beginners

    Thank you - great article for the beginner.
  6. Pete Thomas

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    No they get very confusing. But I'm a bit confused anyway (as usual) We already have a beginners sound clips forum (that is members only). And I think we discussed a while back that when beginners post to the other forums, it was better if they use the beginners thread prefix - and so people...
  7. Keep Blowing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    The idea is to get them involved in the BOTM and the SOTM without them posting in the said threads
  8. W

    beginner mouthpiece and reed

    Hi, im a beginner alto sax player (almost 2 months) im using a vandoren AL3 mouthpiece and Legere signature reed 2.5 Is this a good combination to learn on? would love to hear some feedback on this. Thanks Woody
  9. F

    Beginner Intonation

    As a re-beginner I am starting out (4 or 5 days now) focusing on building my embouchure by playing long tones while trying for constant loudness and intonation. So far intonation is a real challenge. (duh) My first question is: Is repeatable/intentional and steady intonation (not drifting in...
  10. tenorviol

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    Strictly speaking, I'm not a beginner - I'm doing my Grade 5 exam in the summer... but I am inexperienced at playing on my own
  11. Jeanette

    Hello from Scotland

    Hello and welcome, 2 1/2 reed sounds a bit hard for a beginner, did your tutor recommend it? Jx
  12. N

    Beginner Wet reed

    ooops I meant this to go in the beginner section, forgot to push the prefix? sorry
  13. randulo

    Greetings from Arkansas, USA

    Welcome to the café, Miles! If you found this place, you'll also find there is an almost infinite amount of good instructional beginner videos out there. I went through quite a few last year.
  14. L

    Hi from Rotherham, England.

    At the grand old age of 40, I'm looking to learn how to play the sax and have come here for advice. I'm hoping that I'll get info on what the best beginners saxophone is best to purchase etc.
  15. MikeMorrell

    Hi from Tennessee

    ...the sax'. What makes the café so special for me is that the members include sax players at every level. From established 'professionals' to 'beginners'. What - for me - makes the café so unique (apart from the friendly banter) is the genuine willingness of professional and very advanced...
  16. Keep Blowing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    So they are posting in the BOTM and a SOTM beginners thread. The idea was it ran at the same time as the main one but the beginners would be invisible to those not signed in.
  17. A

    Greetings from London

    I am a beginner alto sax player, been playing for almost a year. I have a student Yamaha Yas280 and I like jazz and classical music.
  18. saxyjt

    M/Pieces - Ligs Mouthpiece recommendations:

    Start safe. High baffled mouthpieces aren't exactly for beginners... Same for wide opening. My surfer's days are way back, but would you recommend starting on a short board? A teenager perhaps, but a 'mature' beginner... Not so sure! Same sorta thing.
  19. Pete Effamy


    I think that this is too fast for beginners, and some intermediates when it comes to the 16ths. 60bpm better. Still, you remarked on your own regime, so whatever number fits!
  20. hedgehog


    ...page in the Café are links to Taming the Saxophone. There are several tutorial books listed there...the one about Long Tones may be the most important for a beginner, as it gives some exercises (and rationale) for breathing, which obviously relates to making sounds (pleasantly and consistently).
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