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  1. I

    Altissimo fingerings

    By using the palm keys on my soprano sax I can get the altissimo E, F & F# notes. However, when I try to get any of those notes using the simpler fingerings all I get is a muffled sound with an indiscernible pitch!? E.g. to get altissimo E using the alternative simpler fingerings, I press the...
  2. A

    Altissimo Voicing Advice

    Hello all, Here's another short video reflecting my experience with trying to learn altissimo. Hopefully this might reduce the suffering for one or two out there who are trying to learn this at the moment. View: Please feel free to offer constructive criticism on...
  3. P

    Alto F#-G altissimo fingering

    Hello! I have been busy for a while but glad to get back to the Café! I have found that the best way for me to hit altissimo G is: Left hand: octave key, first finger, third finger Right hand: first finger, pinky Eb key, Bb palm key I have seen a lot of other players do this as well and it is...
  4. P

    Yet another altissimo question

    As some of you may remember, I am having a devil of a time when trying to play altissimo. After finally popping my first high G, I am having problems duplicating the feat. The odd thing is that in many instances I cannot play it the entire time I practice (at least an hour a day) but when I...
  5. S

    Altissimo A?

    Hello you saxy people! I am curious as to how you fellow saxophonists achieved the altissimo A? My tutor said I should extend my jaw, use lots of air and blow that air upwards. Any other tips to achieve this note? Thanks, B
  6. Veggie Dave

    Altissimo - Kit vs Player

    I know some people say certain mouthpieces make altissimo easier than others, but in the bike world journos will say 'this bike makes wheelies easy'. However, if you can't already wheelie then it doesn't matter what bike you're riding, rendering their comments meaningless (and cliché ;)). Which...
  7. MandyH

    Altissimo F# to top F#

    how would you suggest I finger from F#3 to F#2? Is there an alternative (harmonic?) way of fingering for Altissimo F# (or even for top F#)? Currently the middle finger of my right hand is needed for both notes but on different side keys, and I am struggling with co-ordination (not to mention...
  8. BrianJoeSandy

    What note is this?

    You get high E by playing G and high F key. Then F by taking off the G finger. Now take off the A finger. What do you get? I guess it is in the next octave. Seems very high. Tried to upload but mp3 uploads not allowed.
  9. allansto

    altissimo F#

    hi everyone I would like any help at all with my altissimo F# So I`m playing men at work . who can it be now , main sax riff. I need to play D# A# B F# B A#. I can do it . That's not the problem . So the fingering is to jump from the B then hold down top F ,B ,A keys (left hand ) and F# key...
  10. J

    Altissimo F# to g#

    I'm trying to master a piece that uses F, F# and G# altissimo (3 and 4 ledger lines above the stave) I've looked at the TamingTheSaxophone sheet and the F and F# come out lovely with, dare I say it, not a bad tone However, I can't move from the F# fingering (aux F + Left2 + SK3) to the G#...
  11. PNut

    Playing High E - F - F#

    I'm self-taught (country living) so I can't take lessons. I have a Yamaha YAS 23 Alto sax, and find the only way to hit the front high E, F, F# is to move my lower lip far forward. It doesn't seem a natural position. Do you have any tips? I use Richo 2.5 natural reeds.
  12. BrianJoeSandy

    Tone Beyond Altissimo

    There are many sounds made by a sax in expert hands and more by beginners. Has anyone exploited the use of teeth on the reed? Very easy to get a high pitch glissando for instance. BTW I have no connection with manufacturers of reeds - honestogod
  13. Veggie Dave

    Tone Altissimo G

    A few month's ago I posted my attempt at Dexter Gordon's solo on Watermelon Man, where I failed utterly to hit Alt. G. I've been practising ever since and still can't get it, and now I've been challenged to play Money by Pink Floyd, which, of course, uses Alt. G - in fact, it's probably the most...
  14. jbtsax

    Gateway to the altissimo register

    I just got this from my saxophone instructor (tutor) and was amazed at the results. I thought I would put the exercise into my saxophone fingering template and share it with my friends at Cafe Saxophone. Some of you may know these fingerings already, but I found this 3 step process an...
  15. Veggie Dave

    Altissimo And Reeds

    Following on from my Dexter thread and his incredible ability to play altissimo, I'm wondering what grade of reed those of you who can play these notes with confidence on a tenor use. I'm wondering if there's one grade that's more popular with players than any other. From reading interviews and...
  16. J

    Altissimo finger

    I've got a passage with A (1st ledger line), G, A, F (3rd ledger line), E(3rd ledger line), D (2nd ledger line), C (2nd ledger line), Bb, and I can't for the life of my get my fingers to play the sequence smoothly. It is Fairly straightforward and I just need to practise it? Is it a pig, but I...
  17. zootspiker

    Altissimo on vintage tenors

    I have a number of horns and way too many mouthpieces and this morning I was fooling around on altissimo. My primary horn (tenor) is a King Super 20 (300xxx) Series 1. I have a Selmer MVI (86xxx) that I don't play much but I keep it out more or less to study contrasts in tone with my other...
  18. ken24

    Beginner Altissimo

    As I am still a month into the journey, when is the right time to learn altissimo? Do I need to have a special setup in order for me to reach them? I hear a lot of people say that you have to have the right mp to reach those notes.
  19. Veggie Dave

    Coltrane In The Telegraph - Science and Altissimo

    Secret of John Coltrane's high notes revealed: 'The secret of famed jazz tenor John Coltrane's piercing high notes has been cracked by scientists, revealing that budding saxophonists will never attain them unless they adjust their vocal tracts in precisely the right way.'
  20. T

    M/Pieces - Ligs Altissimo Mouthpiece

    ...pretty different mouthpieces. I sound pretty much the same playing either one, except two things: the Jumbo Java is louder and I can play altissimo on it easier. I can barely get an altissimo G out on the Meyer. Basically, the Jumbo Java gives me the altissimo and the edge I want, but it's...
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