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  1. Mr. Sax

    How much time should I at least practice my saxophone?

    How much time should I put into practicing my saxophone as a beginner?:confused2:
  2. Keep Blowing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    I think what you have written above is spot on, I think i have suggested this before but, Can this same thread be run simultaneously with the beginners recordings thread. Some members seem to be on the brink of posting something but just don't quite make it
  3. W

    beginner mouthpiece and reed

    Hi, im a beginner alto sax player (almost 2 months) im using a vandoren AL3 mouthpiece and Legere signature reed 2.5 Is this a good combination to learn on? would love to hear some feedback on this. Thanks Woody
  4. Pete Thomas

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    No they get very confusing. But I'm a bit confused anyway (as usual) We already have a beginners sound clips forum (that is members only). And I think we discussed a while back that when beginners post to the other forums, it was better if they use the beginners thread prefix - and so people...
  5. Keep Blowing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    The idea is to get them involved in the BOTM and the SOTM without them posting in the said threads
  6. tenorviol

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    Strictly speaking, I'm not a beginner - I'm doing my Grade 5 exam in the summer... but I am inexperienced at playing on my own
  7. F

    Beginner Intonation

    As a re-beginner I am starting out (4 or 5 days now) focusing on building my embouchure by playing long tones while trying for constant loudness and intonation. So far intonation is a real challenge. (duh) My first question is: Is repeatable/intentional and steady intonation (not drifting in...
  8. reetpetite

    Reeds Beginner question about reeds

    Real beginner question here. What is a filed reed? Aren't all reeds filed?
  9. Pete Thomas

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    This is making me think now perhaps we should ditch the beginners corner, or rather ditch the concept bps it only being viewable to logged in members. It would certainly be better for the Cafe (Search engine visibility) if it was public.
  10. Keep Blowing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    So they are posting in the BOTM and a SOTM beginners thread. The idea was it ran at the same time as the main one but the beginners would be invisible to those not signed in.
  11. Rob Pealing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    cannot make either encouraging or discouraging comments so you never know what they think so does it matter? I confess my opinion is to keep one thread and the beginners, the nervous and the shy tag their posting "beginner"
  12. saxyjt

    M/Pieces - Ligs Mouthpiece recommendations:

    Start safe. High baffled mouthpieces aren't exactly for beginners... Same for wide opening. My surfer's days are way back, but would you recommend starting on a short board? A teenager perhaps, but a 'mature' beginner... Not so sure! Same sorta thing.
  13. Keep Blowing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    The thing is, beginners very rarely if ever post in these, I am trying to find a way of encouraging them to do so, I thought if their threads were invisible to Joe Bloggs it would help
  14. S


    Hello All, I am a beginner, just bought a tenor sax. Any advice as to practice sessions, techniques would be welcome. Thanks
  15. Phil

    M/Pieces - Ligs New mouthpiece

    Ive seen some decent non branded pieces for beginners. Of course, Ive seen some terrible examples. If your a beginner this piece is a better choice as you can be pretty sure any problem you have isnt related to the piece. In the least its a good way to remove an extraneous variable.
  16. Pete Thomas

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    I agree it would be good to get more beginners to post sound clips but I'm also not too sure about whether the fact that people not logged in can't see the posts would make much difference. If the scariest thing is getting someone giving criticism, then that can only happen when logged in...
  17. Keep Blowing

    Discussion re BOTM/SOTM and beginners

    I think you are right in what you say,. Presumably the beginners thread is done that way to encourage them to post their recordings,, if the beginners thread could run alongside the BOTM and the SOTM that's got to be a good thing. I was thinking of starting a thread and suggesting this, so...
  18. Mr. Sax

    Are Private School Lessons worth it?

    I do not really mean to get more than a year ahead. I am just wondering if he could give me a few beginner tips & lessons.
  19. Veggie Dave

    Are Private School Lessons worth it?

    You've all hit the nail on the head, but there's just one teeny little problem - a beginner has no idea if a teacher's good or not. I know some people who've been playing for 4 years and more who are still very much beginners even though they've had lessons for some if not all of that time...
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