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  1. S


    Hello All, I am a beginner, just bought a tenor sax. Any advice as to practice sessions, techniques would be welcome. Thanks
  2. S

    Beginner Sax what is a good alto saxophone for beginners?

    what is a good alto saxophone for beginners?
  3. Taming The Saxophone

    Beginners Downloads Only

    STARTER PACK DEAL: Just buy any book or DVD and the Beginners' Downloads will automatically be included free! Downloads - PDF & MP3 150 pages of blues & impro tutorials and resources. Plus Standards backing tracks. (See below for details) The post Beginners Downloads Only appeared first on...
  4. L

    An older beginner

    Hi. I found this site when surfing for recommendations for Sax beginner tuition books. I am an older beginner from London and bought an alto sax last month, keen to become Lisa Simpson. I do have a tutor, however he also teaches me the clarinet that I have had for a little longer. I am a...
  5. M

    Outgrown beginners' instrument?

    How can you tell when you have outgrown a beginners' instrument?
  6. reetpetite

    Reeds Beginner question about reeds

    Real beginner question here. What is a filed reed? Aren't all reeds filed?
  7. QWales

    Beginner When are you no longer a beginner?

    I've been playing for 3.5yrs and still see myself as a beginner. Other than passing some high level ABRSM exams, what guage is there to say that you have made it past this level?
  8. F

    Reeds Best Reeds for Beginners

    Are certain reeds better for a beginner to use? Can you give any advice on which to start with, and progress to? Thanks
  9. I

    Beginner Sax recommendations for beginners

    Saxophone recommendations for beginners and low prices?
  10. D

    Beginner tips for a beginner to play sax yet, dont have a background about playing instruments under woodwind family. what advice can you give before i study this instrument? i dont have a saxophone YET, im planning to buy alto saxophone but i dont have any idea what kind of brand is good for beginners,please do...
  11. Taming The Saxophone

    Beginners Downloads PDFs and Playalongs

    Free when you order two or more books/DVD / Half price with 1 A collection of tutorials and resources for beginners 12 Step Scale charts PDF - 13 pages Practising Pentatonics & Blues PDF - 20 pages Scales & Chords for Beginners PDF- 51 pages Chord & Scale Reference charts PDF 58 pages Scales...
  12. Taming The Saxophone

    Beginners Starter Pack Special

    Beginners Downloads - PDF & MP3 12 Step Scale charts PDF - 13 pages Practising Pentatonics & Blues PDF - 20 pages Scales & Chords for Beginners PDF- 51 pages Chord & Scale Reference charts PDF 58 pages Scales Appendix PDF - 13 pages Standards Playalongs (80 mp3 backing tracks) Add one book to...
  13. P

    Saxophones Beginner Sax

    Hello, Im curretly looking at getting a sax and I want an alto to grow with. So I look beyond the really cheap beginner saxes and more towards intermidiate. So Im wondering which would you recommend? Jupiter JAS 1100Q Yanigasawa AWO1 Selmer Axos They all are around the same price here.
  14. Taming The Saxophone

    Vol 2 Beginners Impro

    Includes download playalong mp3 and PDF sheet music Downloads will be available immediately on purchase, book will be posted (it's an actual book!) iPad! Please read Download FAQs The post Vol 2 Beginners Impro appeared first on Taming The Saxophone. Continue reading...
  15. Taming The Saxophone

    Tuition DVD for Beginners

    The full beginners course. Included are playalongs and sheet music for Eb alto, with Bb transpositions available via download PDF. Country compatibility: PAL all regions. The post Tuition DVD for Beginners appeared first on Taming The Saxophone. Continue reading...
  16. Chris98

    Beginner Chris' Beginners' Diary (Take II)

    Chris' Beginners Diary (Take II) Hello, I started this beginners' diary back on the old forum and it can still be found there with all the responses, advice and support I gratefully received from the other members. Beginners' Diary - Chris Hopefully I will be able to recreate it here on this...
  17. T

    Beginner Gospel Music Book for beginners

    Hi all, I've been playing the Alto sax for all of 6 months now. Can anyone recommend a Gospel music book that is suitable for beginners. Thanks in advance. Tbones
  18. H

    Beginner Sax A Beginner's Saxophone

    ...up a different musical instrument this time and hope to keep the fire burning. I have read up on different sites on which saxophone should beginners purchase and I have narrow down my search to just a few brands but would still like to have advice from fellow forumers. New or 2nd Hand I...
  19. R

    Explanations for beginners

    RayL published a new article: Read more about this article...
  20. mpjbiker

    FOUND Wanted-beginners alto.

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for an alto for a beginner-I've just picked up a Sakkusu for another student, and I have to say, it's better than good, it's excellent! I paid £150 for it-if I could find another, I'd be happy! Say an upper price of £175-happy to donate if bought through the forum...
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