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Mouthpieces Some other mouthpieces

Excellent review overall, and I agree with the opinion on the Phil-Tone Sapphire, which is the only mouthpiece I have tried, and currently play as main piece, of the lot. Thanks!
Obviously taste in mouthpieces is a personal thing. I have about twenty, including 5 HR Links, 2 metal Links, a Morgan, a Jody Jazz, etc. My 10mFan 6* Robusto is by far the best, and I like it because it is not edgy. I use Vandoren V16 2.5/3 or Rigotti 3, and a Silverstein Works or Marc Jean ligature.

Merlot is a French grape varietal used in Bordeaux wines. Merlot is French for " blackbird".
Extremely informative, subtle and balanced - everything a really good review should be but sadly so few are. For those not planning on investing substantial sums in mouthpieces Aldevis' comments on a variety of reeds is illuminating and useful.
Really helpfully expressive review - i.e. It enlarges my mpc vocabulary and I can refine my neverending search .
Very interesting nice to hear more experienced players views on mouthpieces and reeds.
Comprehensive as ever
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